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The Cough Assist machine helps to clear secretions from the lungs by assisting you with your breathing. When you breathe in, inspiration, the machine gives you airpositive pressureto help expand your lungs. When you blow out, expiration, the machine creates a sucking forcenegative pressure that pulls the air out of your lungs. This rapid change in pressure during thedifferent phases of breathing, inspiration and expiration, helps make your cough stronger and more effective. Your respiratory therapist will help you during the start of setup by making sure that you understand the machine and are comfortable with making any changes on it.

You will start out with low pressures and gradually reach the maximum amount of pressure that you can tolerate during each phase of your breathing. In the beginning, the time for each phase of breathing will be set to your comfort level by the therapist. How do I use the Cough Assist machineé Check to make sure that the inspiratory, or positive, and the expiratory, or negative, pressures are set. Store at plus 20 20, and you will increase to maximal pressures by increments of five centimeters H2O as tolerated. Remove the face mask or mouthpiece and hold the tubing firmly against a tight surface.

Set the manual auto switch to manual. Toggle the manual control switch between inhale and exhale a few times to ensure that the pressures are correct and the manometer returns to zero. First, adjust the expiratory pressure. Push the manual control lever to exhalation phase; push to the left. Observe pressure manometer and adjust using pressure knob. Turn the pressure knob clockwise to increase the pressures and counterclockwise to decrease thepressure.

To adjust the inspiratory pressure, push the manual control knob to the inhalation phase; push to the right. Observe the pressure manometer and adjust the inhale pressure knob. Turn the pressure knob clockwise to increase the pressures and counterclockwise to decrease thepressures. Each phase of breathing should be set sothat you can get the air in and out of your lungs comfortably, and then pause to continue coughing if needed. Set the inhale time knob at one second. Set the exhale time at one second.

Set the pause time knob at two seconds. Set the inhale flow knob at the squiggly arrows, or full flow. If you feel too much airflow coming from the machine when you take a breathe in, you can decrease the inhale flow from full3 squiggly arrowsto reducedone arrow. Performing a treatment. Turn the machine on. Set the manual auto switch to auto. The unit will then automatically cycle from the positive to negative pressure and back to zero for the pause.

Reattach the mask or mouthpiece to the tubing. Remember: when using a mask, place thebottom of the mask underneath the chin and the top of the mask on the bridgeof the nose, and place it tightly on your face or mouth so that no air leaks out. As you breathe in, the machine will help by giving a big breath of air. This breath will end at the time set onyour machine. As you breathe out, the machine will helpby sucking the air out. During this time you should performa cough or huff during the exhalation phase.

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