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Severe Obstructive Sleep ApneaSleep Apnea TreatmentMayo .

How Your Lack of Sleep can Help Tumors Thrive

I'm Monique Evans with today's health news.Getting a good night's sleep could be a lifesaver for those with cancer. According to a newstudy, sleep apnea could contribute to the growth of blood vessels inside tumors. Sleepapnea is a condition marked by shallow breaths or pauses in breathing during sleep. One consequenceof sleep apnea is hypoxia. Hypoxia is when the organs and tissues are receiving insufficientoxygen. This hypoxia could be contributing to the growth of blood vessels inside tumors. Vilaseca and team, who used mice for this study, found that with decreased oxygen, amechanism called vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) activated to help tumors thrive.During this study, 12 mice with kidney tumors

were subjected to hypoxia, and as a result,they exhibited increases in cells that play a role in building blood vessels. This studymight explain why healthy habits that increase oxygen in the blood result in better outcomesfor cancer patients. For dailyRx, I'm Monique Evans.

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