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Does Weight Have Anything To Do With Sleep Apnea

Hi my name is Martin Gorman and I've beenpracticing here in the greater Los Angeles Valley for over to 35 years. The question we're gonna address today isdoes weight have anything to do with sleep apneaƩ In many instances the vast majority of timesin males 98 to 99% of males that are overweight anywhere from 10 to 15 pounds or more Havesleep apnea or some form of sleep apnea. In women, it's much less of a percentage earlyon until they enter the menopause years the amount of progestin and estrogen in the systemdecreases and that allows sleep apnea to take

affect. The medical community still hasn't figuredout exactly how that works, but we just know it's happening. So in males, if they are overweightat any age, they should have some form of sleep apnea. Now there are people that normallylook great, look like they have been playing basketball every day for 30 years look fabulousare trim and lean they can still have sleep apnea because it still is an anatomic issueand accentuates the lack of proper anatomy and when I'm talking about anatomy is thearea of the throat which what happens is when you go to sleep is all the muscles in yourface and neck and your entire body that you

don't need to be active while you're sleeping,go to sleep and they become relaxed. What happens in the neck area is the weight ofthe muscles and the additional fat that shouldn't be there, just weigh down on the airway andwhen it's too small air can't pass through and that's where you start suffering frompartial blockages or full blockages of air coming in and the precourse of that as wehave already mentioned is snoring. So we have a blockage, but weight is definitely indicativein males but not so much in females until past menopause With the tongue falling backwards while you'resleeping in the back of your throat, weight

is an issue but not the final say.

Crushing Weight Jacobs Story A Cincinnati Childrens Documentary

Jacob Miller Hi, I'm Jacob Miller and I'm fifteenyearsold. What brought me here was I've been big since I was oneyearold. I was 52 pounds at oneyearold, and I haven't stopped growing since. Narrator Jacob Miller's weight was killing him. By the time he was a teenager, he wasgaining one hundred pounds a year. At his heaviest, he was 6foot5 and 707pounds, and he was just fifteen. This is Jacob's story. Jacob's Grandfather Yeah he is my boy.

I tried to carry him across the street when he was a yearandahalfold. I had to sit him down in the middle of the street. I couldn't carry him. I said, quot;here, your dad can carry you.quot; Jacob's Father Jacob was born five weeks premature. If he would've been full term, he would've been just about 12 pounds. Jacob's Grandfather He was already a big baby. He was full grown when he was 4 years old. He is quite a character, quite a character. Narrator Jacob was always bigger than the other kids and an easy target for jokes. The bullying became so bad in high school that he switched schools.

On top of feeling like his body was wearing out, he was depressed. Jacob's Mother It breaks your heart. I mean really, it does because of course noparent wants their child to ever find mean people in the world. And to know that people are gonna pickon him just because he looks different, it's not fair. Jacob's Classmate It's very difficult because everybody is so quick to judge you. No matter what it is, like your hair, theway you dress. anything. Jacob's Mother But when we switched schools isreally when it hit him hard. It was in a whole different environment and, you know, it was a very hostile environment.

Jacob I would get out of the bathroom, and I'd come back and my milk carton was open. I could've swore I didn't open it, and then I would take a drink of it and my friend leans over and goes, quot;Hey, that kid just spit in your milk and you didn't even know it.quot; Jacob's Father I've always been concerned and we've taken him to several s and tried to figure out what the problem was medically. Jacob's Mother The fact that he grew so quickly at such a young age should prove that there was something going on there, and many, many s said that there's hormonal conditions in the brain that they haven't identified yet, that could be 10 to 15 years before they know what was going on.

He can't go 10 or 15 years because of the rate he's growing. We need to do something before it gets to be too late. Jacob So tomorrow is my surgery, I'm nervous, but I'm excited at the same time. Jacob's Father We're here to get the gastric bypasssurgery done on Jacob and try to get him to help lose some weight. Narrator Jacob followed a restricted diet in the weeks before his surgery and the pounds started coming off. He lost 77 pounds before his operation and proved he was serious about losing weight and really getting healthy. Tom Inge You know at a weight of 700 pounds, um, none of our body systems were made for that kind of weight. And the kind of places where we see this being a real problem are with the heart, with the lungs,

in particular with sleep apnea. Jacob's Father .Obviously diabetes, he's had several cases of cellulitis in his legs, heart disease. Jacob's Mother .Nonalcoholic fatty liverdisease. I mean those are all conditions caused by being overweight. Jacob's Father And especially being only 15 years old and over 600 pounds is quite concerning. Even for me, you know as big as I am, I know that that's not normal for a kid to be that big. So something had to be done. Jacob's Mother You know, his insides aren't keeping up with the outside. As a parent, I felt like it was the last resort for me, but it was the step that I had to take.

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