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Snoring Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Treatment Animation

Snoring and sleep apnea.In normal breathing, air enters the nostrils and goes through the throat and the tracheato the lungs. In people who snore this airway is partiallyobstructed by excess tissue of the throat, such as large tonsils, large soft palate ortongue. Another common cause of obstruction is the dropping of the tongue into the throatdue to over relaxation of tongue muscles during sleep. Air currents competing throughnarrow spaces in the throat cause the soft palate essentially a piece of soft tissuehanging in the throat to vibrate. This vibration is the source of the noise we hear when someoneis snoring.

Sleep apnea happens when the airway is completelyobstructed, no air can go through and the person stops breathing. This cessation ofbreathing triggers the brain to respond by waking up the person just enough to take abreath. This repeats itself again and again during the course of the night and may resultin sleep deprivation. Snoring and mild sleep apnea may be treatedwith a mandibular advancement device. This device is designed to move the lower jaw andthe tongue slightly forward and thus making the space in the back of the throat larger.

Omaha Sleep Apnea Treatment Roger Roubal

44 year old Jeremy Dankiw wakes up everyday ready to put his life of the line He's a Council Bluffs firefighter and there was something draining his energy. I was constantly fatigued and my wife and coworkers said, quot;You snore really loud.quot; It turns out Dankiw's snoring revealed a bigger problem. sleep apnea.

The soft palate or the tongue will collapse and actually stop the air from moving. Kind of like, picture a garden hose kinked, no flow, that's sleep apnea. Roger Roubal specializes in sleep apnea and he's finding success at treating it with something know as O.A.T., Oral Appliance Therapy.

When they come together, what they do is they limit the ability for one to open, typically. And it gently holds the lower jaw forward in a position to get the tongue out of the airway. Roubal says this small device is placed inside the mouth during sleep. It's much easier to tolerate for patients like Dankiw who tire at traditional and cumbersome

CPAP machine. The reality is when somebody sees this and sees this, there's a big difference. It will fall off in the middle of the night. Sometimes I would wake up in the morning and I would have taken it off and don't even remember. Dankiw has seen a dramatic difference using O.A.T. It's night and day.

I wake up in the morning and feel refreshed. I didn't even realize how tired I was all the time. Until this thing, until my body really adjusted to it. Literally it just changed my life completely. In Omaha, Jobeth Devera, KETV News Watch 7.

SnoreRx How Effective Is The SnoreRx Mouthpiece

Hello YouTubeI've made this tutorial to share with you some of the research and findings that I've comeacross looking into this product SnoreRx. I just wanted to share with you what I found.I started out by looking into anti snoring devices and I found that this product SnoreRxis featuring quite prominantly so decided to do some further research into it just tofind out how effective it is and how well it's been working for others.So what I did was I went onto quite a few of the online forums and the online shoppingsites just to see what sort of comments and if any SnoreRx complaints had been left.And to give an overview I found a bit of a

sort of mixed bunch.There were quite a few people who are very happy with this product and are finding thatit's working for them and equally there were quite a few people who said they just couldn'tget on with it and ended up sending it back. Now I guess this is only to be expected witha product like this, something that you've got to put into your mouth which is obviouslygoing to be alien to you but yeah if I just kind of share with you the sort of the prosand the cons that I was finding. The positive feedbacks were really sayingthat people like the fact that with this SnoreRx mouthpiece there's no screwdrivers no toolsand no sorts of nuts and bolts required, it's

quite a straightforward way of adjusting ityou know you can manually adjust it to your own mouth and to your own teeth so it's likeyou make it a custom mould and also the fact that even when you've done that you can stilladjust it afterwards whereas some of the competing products don't give you that sort of flexibility.The downsides I was reading is that it's quite a big device can feel uncomfortable cumbersomein your mouth and that because it is quite big you can't keep your lips together whenyou're sleeping and so some people reported they woke up with a dry mouth in the morning.There were enough reviews for me to draw some conclusions and they were reallt that it seemedthat the people who had had success with this

SnoreRx product were those who were preparedto accept the fact that there was going to be some inconvenience, they were going tohave to accept you know something a bit uncomfortable at the beginning and they were prepared topersevere. A few people said that it took them a weekor in some cases even a couple of weeks before they really got used to it.The people who said that they sent it back in the main I was finding that they were peoplewho you know sort of just gave it a day or so and it seems that this product you knowyou really do need to be prepared to give it more than just the first day.They actualy recommend or I was reading on

the website which I'm going to show you ina moment that you actually wear it for about four or five days just during the day youknow before you even try it out at night. And along those lines I just want to shareone of the I think this was one of the best bits of feedback that I saw because it kindof summed up all the other things I was finding. This person here is saying it stopped my snoringit took me about two weeks to land on the best setting and get used to it and that'syou know exactly what I've been finding that the people who you you know really did getthe results they had to sort of you know give it a bit of time to bed in.I did drool a lot the first several days and

had some mild soreness in the lower jaw butall the subsided after the first week or so. So yeah and this person goes on to say atthe bottom here I feel I you know it works for me it's awesome I feel I could not livewithout it now. SnoreRx get very high marks for me I highly recommend.But as I said this was something that a perseverance exercise rather than something that happenedstraight away for this person. Okay now if we head over to the website I'llshow you what I found here. It's quite a good website, definitely worthchecking out and what I was quite impressed with was there's these quick tutorials here.They give you a lot of information about you

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