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Severe Obstructive Sleep ApneaSleep Apnea TreatmentMayo .


To put on the mask, disconnect the one or both of the headgear clips by gripping and twisting them away from the frame Wisp is designed to be used to with and without headgear clips If you are not using clips, pull the tabs through the slot in the mask frame Pull the mask over your head, placing the mask cushion in position over your nose Press the headgear clips into place to reattach or thread the tabs through the slot in the frame If needed, you can make adjustment while sitting up Adjust the bottom straps evenly

The mask should rest lightly on your nose Connect the side strap tab and adjust the side straps only if necessary Check the headgear to make sure that the straps are parallel and flat across the back of the head Connect the Wisp tubing and elbow swivel to the front of the mask Now connect it to the flexible tubing that came with your device Wisp also allows you to position the tube over your head Simply slide the Wisp tubing through the headgear crown loop

before attaching the flexible tubing.


Cleaning the Wisp mask and tubing before the first use and everyday is a very important part of the mask maintenance The mask can be disassembled for easy cleaning Squeeze the quick release tabs and pull the elbow away from the cushion Now push the cushion backward and peel it from the frame Wash the mask parts and disconnected tubing in warm water with liquid dish washing detergent Do not use soap with conditioners or moisturizers Do not use bleach, alcohol or cleaning solution containing bleach or alcohol

Rinse thoroughly with water and airdry out of direct sunlight Be sure the mask and tubing are dry before use Some people wash the tubing during their morning shower and then hang it in the shower to dry The headgear does not need to be removed for daily cleaning However, it should be washed weekly or as needed It can be washed by hand and warm soapy water

Lay the headgear flat or line dry; do not place it into the dryer If your mask and tubing still contain moisture when you are ready to use them at night connect them to your PAP device and blow the water out before you put the mask on Be sure to inspect your mask and tubing for damage or wear such as cracking or tears Discard and replace any parts as necessary To reassemble your mask, follow these steps Wisp has unique reversible fabric frame which let you choose the fabric that feels most comfortable against your skin

Place the frame over the cushion and press it into place The bottom of the cushion will match the alignment cutout of the mask frame To attach the headgear, hold the crown strap upward Make sure the wide strap marked Philips Respironics faces outward Slide the headgear tabs into the slots on the longer frame arms connect the straps to the frame Push the elbow into the cushion until the quick release tabs click into place.

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