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Face Cozy Relief for CPAP and Oxygen Mask Strap Marks and Irritation

For people with sleep Apnea, or other respiratory ailments, there is absolutely nothing attractiveabout wearing a CPAP mask or an oxygen mask. But they they save lives, so I guess that'sattractive! My problem was I was getting up every morning with ugly indications onmy face from the mask straps. Facing the mirror in the morning wasn't pretty, it was depressing! And so I tried everything available to fix the problem. There was nothing. They say necessity is the mother of invention and I had a need. So I developed the Face Cozy a soft fleece face protector, that would fit comfortably under the mask.

Face Cozys are great for elderly patients who have problems with air from oxygen masks blowing in their eyes Creating dry eye problems. Because the fleece does not absorb water, the face stays dry. Many people are allergic to the plastics are used in air masks. This can lead tosome forms of dermatitis resulting from contact with silicone or other materials in the mask.These kinds of problems can make people so uncomfortable that they refuse towear the appliances. But this is very dangerous when lives are at stake.

The Face Cozy solves these problems. Waking up in the morning without skin indentations is a bonus. So get the Face Cozy and snuggle into your therapy!.

What can a DENTIST do for snoring and sleep apnea

Do yousnore on a regular basisé Does your snoring cause youor your partner to wake upé Do you wake up gasping for airé Do you experience excessivedaytime sleepinessé If the answer is yes, you might be an undiagnosed sleep apnea patient. Hi, I'm Lance Timmerman, a sleep dentist near Seattle.

Obstructive Sleep Apneacan be life threatening and treating it is important. In fact, hall of famefootball great Reggie White died in his sleep fromobstructive sleep apnea at 43 years of age. If you or someone you lovehas any of these symptoms, quit playing Russianroulette and call us today for a free consultation.

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