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Archer on Bobs Burgers

MAN: Okay kids, whowants Manning Coleslawé Andor an explanation of why that's. funny. Sorry, guys, we're, um. closed, yeah. Thanks for getting aside from me because we are closed. Especially now that the door is locked.

And you're not really supposedto be back here. Even if you have a, a. I was gonna say a hairnet. Bobé Is everything. Everything's fine, we're. Closed, Bob. Linda! Take the kids in the back.Kids, go in the back with your mom. Not really want. *** goes Linda, now would you pleasego in the goddamn backé

Well, excuse me, quot;Ike Turnerquot;. Look, the hamburger wasn't a big seller,so there's not much. But um. We don't want money. We want you. I'm sorryé We are not robbers. Oh, my god. Okay, yes,you can rob them, but. just please don't hurt my family. We're not robbers. Oh.

Well, then, what do you wanté You. ***. Da. ARCHER: Whé No! GOON 1: Ty sukin syn, ISIS shpion! Even if you kill us,more will come, Archer! ARCHER: Khorosho! Ya ih toje zamochu togda! LINDA: Bob!

ARCHER: Oh my God, are you guys okayé! LINDA: We yeah, we're but. Bob! Where'd you learn how to do thaté! ARCHER: I I dunno,it was like, instinct. LINDA: And were you speaking Russiané! ARCHER: Was Ié But I don't even know any Russian! Look, the label in his coat hasthose idiot Russian letters!

LINDA: Why the hell areRussians trying to kill youé! ARCHER: I don't know! He called me quot;Archer,quot; maybethey think I'm somebody else. LINDA: (gasps) Somebody who gamblesé! ARCHER: When would I gamble, Lindaé! The six hours a night I get to sleepé! Because the other eighteen hours, I'mslaving over this hotass grill! LINDA: I didn't know it wassuch a burden.

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