Sleep Apnea And Grinding

Sleep Apnea Dores Dental Longmeadow MA Dores DMD

Sleep apnea is a very dangerous condition. A lot of people suffer with it and often times they don't even realize that they have it. One of the signs of sleep apnea is snoring. The signs that I look for, is also I see a lot of wear on people's teeth, they grind their teeth. If they are diagnosed with sleep apnea, the goal standard treatment is the CPAP machine, which is like a mask that the patient would wear while they sleep, and it provides positive oxygen pressure

for them while they're sleeping so they don't stop breathing. We can help treat sleep apnea here at the office, it is an oral appliance that helps reposition the jaw and it helps keep the airway open while people are sleeping. This option is for people who cannot tolerate the mask.

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