Side Effects Of Dental Appliance For Sleep Apnea

Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea Sleep Apnea Treatment

Severe Obstructive Sleep ApneaSleep Apnea TreatmentMayo .

The Causes and Effects of Obstructive Sleep Apnea

hi everyone thanks for tuning into eZeliving you know in a previous webisode we did a story about snoring and how it can lead to sleep apnea and it got me thinking well maybe just maybe I have sleep apnea because i'm experiencing the symptomsshortness of breath,800:00:28,460 gt; 00:00:31,109snoring.and when i wake up i feel really really tired

and you know what, they got me thinking maybe i should investigate and do someresearch on this subject matter to find out what sleep apnea is so let's take this journey togetherand hit the internet so here we are I'm gonna head to the computer lounge and do some research well this is interesting

sleep apnea if undetected could lead toa heart attack heart failure stroke even type2 diabetes so here's a piece of information that ithink is important for you to you know did you know that 4% of the world'spopulation is affected by sleep apneaƩ and we all know that car accidents is oneof the leading cause of death worldwide of which, 1520%are sleep related

it's shocking! so i've had a chance to go through theresearch on the web we've taken a look at WebMD and some slideshows that talks about and describes whatsleep apnea is all about but I found this really really nice tutorial on the web that i think it's important to share with you

when most people are asleep air flows freely through the upper airways into the lungs giving a stable level of oxygen in the blood stream in individuals with obstructive sleep apnea(OSA)the tongue and soft tissue in the airway relax during sleep as the tongue and tissue partiallyobstruct the upper airway it causes loud snoring. when the tongue and tissuetotally obstruct the airway it causes an apnea and breathing stops. the chestcontinues to move as the person tries to breath. but the blockage prevents freshair from reaching the lungs

the oxygen content in the blood goesdown and apnea may last anywhere 10 to 60seconds before the brain recognizes that there's a problem the brain briefly arouses the body fromsleep just enough to open the airway the person with OSA can observesnorting, gasping and choking for breath as the airway opens an air flows backinto the lungs woow, the information is overwhelming and it's safe to say that i do havesleep apnea

How To Stop Snoring or Sleep Apnea Symptoms

two causes of snoring and sleep apneaand how to alleviate both loud snoring and sleep apnea are causedby two simple fact sleeping in a horizontal supine positionwhere gravity pulls all relaxed mouth and throat components downward when sleeping on a horizontal bad that that eight issues of the throatsoft palate an attack structure fall downward which blocked the breedingairway causing loud snoring in apnea most snoring in apnea problems are dueto excessive baddy tissues and enlarge

soft palate tom structure due to beingoverweight according to webmd dot com sleep apnea and loud snoring are themain causes for seven major health problems high blood pressure heartdisease type two diabetes weight gain adult asthma g_e_ r_d_ and car accidentsdue to daily petite from not getting enough rest falsely to overcome the effects of gravitys recommend sleeping in a recliner uncomfortable or adjustable bed veryexpensive or a bed

insurance rarely covers them due to costto keep it or so inclined at thirty degrees are more fortunately there's nowa patented products that will allow you to sleep on your own bed while enjoyingsteep torso inclination of up to forty degrees as s recommend this newpatented product is called the comfort plus thirty or c_ plus thirty andthey'll ask you incline your torso up to forty degrees to reduce your loudsnoring aunt or your apnea appa so that a fraction of the cost c_plus thirty lets you enjoy morerestful sleep by respecting the law of

gravity and provide you with steepinclination which keeps your breathing airway clearer or loud snoring and sleepapnea it's recommended that one starts using the c_plus thirty at a maximuminclination for fastest really thin more restful sleep after a week of using thepatented c_plus thirty your feel more rested moral are and much less fiftyduring the day simply due to the fact that you got better and more restfulsleep chapter links below this tutorial to locate authorized online retailers ofthe c_ plus thirty by online now for yourself or a loved one

and receive a free surprise get a twentydollar value from the inventor of the sea prosperity enjoyed a c_plus thirty in good healthdaycare and cassettes go inventor of the comfort plus thirty.

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