High Blood Pressure Medication And Sleep Apnea

Patient Loses Weight Finds Better Health

(Laughs) You're doing great, you're almost there! Good job! Woo! (Cheers) The number one rated large health system for and surgical care is Allegheny HealthNetwork.

Sleep Apnea May Speed Kidney Decline

Diabetes is a major risk factor for kidneydisease. It can damage tiny blood vessels in the kidneys that filter waste from theblood. Add sleep apnea to the mix, and kidneys may decline even faster, new research suggests.I'm Erin White with your latest health news. According to the National Kidney Foundation,the two leading causes of kidney failure are type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. Diabetespatients also face a greater risk of having obstructive sleep apnea. A new study foundthat diabetes patients who had sleep apnea lost kidney function more rapidly than thosewho did not have the sleep disorder. Speak with a about any sleep troublesyou may have.

Joans Story Temple Bariatric Program

lt;lt;Joan Greznikowski: I'm Joan Greznikowski.I've lost 99 pounds since my bariatric surgery at Jeanes . I was a size 26. I amnow a size 12. I was diabetic, type II diabetic. I was on two different medications, high bloodpressure medicine, high cholesterol medicine, and sleep apnea. You go through a depressionand people kind of look at you differently when you're big, like we're not going to inviteher to our parties. A lot of times, you know, you'd sit down and when you went to standup, you still had people's lawn chairs stuck to you, just little things that other peopledon't think. Like, you know, if you wanted to take a plane ride, you know, you're squashedin a seat and the person next to you's like

I don't want her sitting next to me. I tried every fad diet that was out thereand you know, you lose ten, fifteen pounds and next thing you know, it's back on, plusanother two. So yeah, I tried everything, so I just made up my mind one day to do somethingabout it, and did some research and now I made the right move. I was referred from a friend who had her surgerythere at Jeanes , and I met with the whole staff. Everybody was very helpful, theystill are, and they're one of the best in the country. Well, when I first met with thes, she said, like, what is your main

goalé I said my main goal was to be able tocross my legs like a lady. Since having surgery at Jeanes , my whole life has improved.I can get around better. I want to do things more. I spend more time with my grandson doingthings that we couldn't do before. When we go on vacation, I'm part of whatever the familydoes. I don't sit in the hotel room and watch TV anymore, so I'm just basically a wholenew life. I would recommend Jeanes . They'relike my family now. If I have any problem, I could pick up the phone, email. I go tothe support groups. Anybody there knows my whole history and like I said, it's just likemy second family now.

I'm a much healthier person, a happier person.I'm off all the medications that I wasn't fond of taking anyway, and it's just – I'mjust – I have a whole new life ahead of me and hopefully, I added a few more yearsto my life. I wasn't always a big person and I guess I got to the point where I just didn'twant to be a big person anymore, so I'm heading back to the old me, the new old me, the oldnew meé.

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