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Could 1000 Be the Cost of Ending Childhood Obesity

I'm Gabe Garza with today's health news. Thebattle against childhood obesity could be won with a simple and cheap weapon. Accordingto research from New York University and Syracuse University in New York, water dispensers inpublic schools could be the key to lowering the number of children and adolescents whoare struggling as part of the obesity epidemic. In the analysis, researchers studied 1,200public elementary and middle schools with more than one million students in New YorkCity. Study authors compared schools that installed water jets, or contraptions withclear jugs and a lever that can dispense water. After three months with the water jets, studentshad a reduced BMI by about .02 to .025 percent.

This could mean that by the end of a schoolyear, a child could lose a whole percentage point in BMI, which, depending on his or herheight, could be significant. According to researchers, quot;Decreasing the amount of caloricbeverages consumed and simultaneously increasing water consumption is important to promotechildren's health and decrease the prevalence of childhood obesityquot;. For dailyRx, I'm GabeGarza.

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