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Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea Sleep Apnea Treatment

Severe Obstructive Sleep ApneaSleep Apnea TreatmentMayo .

CDL New Federal Requirements

Do you have a commercial driver licenseé Or maybe you're thinking about getting oneé Then, here's a headsup on some important information that affectsyou. New federal requirements affecting all CDL holders begin taking effect on January 30th, 2012. For starters

if you're operating in interstate commerce your medical certification will become part of your driving record. And if you're operating in intrastate commerce your CDL is going to look a bit different. The difference between interstate and intrastatecommerce is often misunderstood. We'll make it clear in a moment.

But first how do you go about complying with the new changesé It all starts when you go into a DOL office to apply for a CDL or renew the one you already have. What this boils down to

is that an individual that comes into the office after January the 30th , 2012, an applicant that comes into the office will have to selfcertify whether they operate in inter or intra state commerce. Selfcertify.

All CDL holders will have to do it. But what exactly does selfcertify meané It mean this is what I'm going to haul. I'm going to operate in ‘intra' or ‘inter' state commerce. And the federal regulation is only about interstate. That's what it's truly about.

They are the people who have to have their medical data put on their drive record. So, you might say the new regulations amount to a simple case of “if A, then B.� If you selfcertify that you're operating in interstate commerce then your medical data

Driving with Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea makes it very difficult tofeel fully rested and alert. A drowsy driver can start to fall asleepat the wheel and cause a crash. If you find yourself feeling drowsybehind the wheel find a safe place to pull over and takea break. Talk with your health care provider tosee what treatments are available for your Sleep Apnea. One common treatment is to use a CPAPmachine that helps you breathe while you sleep.

These treatments can take up to severalweeks to make a difference To continue driving safely, you must follow your health careprovider's treatment recommendations. Stopping treatment even for one day can make driving less safe. you can overcome Sleep Apnea. Stay safe

for yourself and for others on the road.

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