Can Sleep Apnea Cause Arthritis

How to Treat Sleep Apnea Naturally

Hi, my name is Troy Giles. I am a of Chiropractic and a Natural Internist. Today I wanted to talk to you a little about apnea,and sleep apnea. This is a major issue in the world. People are having trouble sleepingand there are many reasons for apnea. One is neurologic, where the nerves, the brain,the connection to the lung is not working correctly. Also, thyroid we find, thyroiddysfunction, where low thyroid. Thyroid is what helps you control your breathing patternswhile you are asleep. If you have low thyroid, the thyroid affects the heart and the rhythmof breathing. So low thyroid can affect it as well. But, apnea is when you can't breathwell. Your sleeping and you just stop breathing.

There can be constrictive apnea as well, whereyou have enlarged tonsils, or your throat is closed down. I had a patient that had,this has been probably ten years ago, had a roto rooter, if you will, where they went in down on thetrachea, the throat, removed the tonsils and literally removed and widened the trachea,all the way down through his neck, through his throat. Extremely painful, literally hewished he could have died. That ultimately, still didn't help any. He can get better air,bit still he is on a CPAP machine. The treatment for it, medically, is to use a CPAP or a ByPAPmachine, which helps to force air into you and helps you to breathe during the evening.Another issue is that many times its body

habitus, enlarged gut. If you are laying onyour side and you have a larger tummy, you have to push your tummy up while you are breathing,sleeping at nighttime. Literally, you are having to lift up your tummy all night long.After a couple of hours or so, you become fatigued. The diaphragm becomes fatigued oflifting, pushing. So you just stop breathing for a minute. You can go 30 seconds, a minute,2 minutes. Finally, you gasp for air. This happens over and over and over. The CPAP helpsto force the air in you are just basically breathing easier. The sense of breathing isthere, but you are now lifting with forced air, in the abdomen, and in to your lungs.So to treat this, naturally, we want to look

at supporting the lung tissue. We want tosupport anything that is going to help you to get rid of inflammation through the throat.We want to treat the thyroid and the adrenal glands to have them up and running the waythey should so they are giving good information to the heart and to your breathing pattern.We would do this through supplementation. The supplementation we would want to looktowards would be the adrenal glands first, Adrenex. We would support the adrenals withAdrenex. Thyroiden to support the thyroid tissue. Thyroid again, we want to get itsmetabolism and its function the way that it should. Permalung helps to bring clarity,helps to remove sluggishness of the lungs,

bronchial congestion, mucus. A lot of timesthere is a mucus build up throughout the lung. Even with that we would want to look towardsleaky gut syndrome because when you have leaky gut, you are actually leaking toxins throughthe gut and they overwhelm the liver and its ability to detoxify. So a lot of the overalltoxins will come up and out through the lung. So you will have a lot of increased amountof toxin and production of mucus, so you will tighten up as well. So, asthma and apnea alsowork together. So, you want to see if you can't get rid of some of that tightness andcongestion that you feel. I would work with the diet, just helping, just eating more greenleafy vegetables. It is so vital to eat green

leafy vegetables every meal. So how do eatgreen leafy vegetables for breakfasté I would encourage you to get a significant blender,Vitamix is a good one, Blendtec is another one, Montel Williams I think has one thatis a good like two horsepower motor, that you can put in all the kinds of fruits thatyou want, green leafy vegetables, like kale, baby spinach, literally any vegetable thatyou want can go in there as well. If you make it correctly, it tastes very good. You haveall your fruits. You can get some of the big box stores have frozen fruit. You can putthat with a banana, maybe a protein powder of some type. The one we carry here is calledLepterra. That helps make it smoother and

Is Coffee Bad for You

Hey guys, Axe here. I'm founder of DrAxe ,one of the largest natural health websites in the world. One of the most common questions I've beengetting on my Facebook page as well as my webpage recently is, people have been askingquot; Axe, is coffee good for meéquot; or quot;Is coffee good for youéquot; The answer is yes and no. There's a lot of research, actually, that'sbeen coming out on coffee and coffee is one of the most popular beverages around the worldtoday. But let me just first talk about why coffee can be good for you and then also,why it can be bad for you.

For starters, one of the biggest reasons whycoffee is beneficial is because it contains massive amounts of antioxidants. You know,one of the things that we're exposed to all around the world today is large levels oftoxicity. So antioxidants can really help and slow the aging process, it can help protectyourselves against free radical damage. Coffee is actually one of the five highestfoods in antioxidants in the world today. So again, coffee, incredible in terms of itsantioxidants. Also, coffee increases circulation and can stimulate the liver. So it actuallyhas maybe some supportive benefits for the liver.

Increases circulation, it's been shown toimprove overall exercise. It's been shown to increase blood flow to the brain. So forthose reasons, because of the mass amount of antioxidants and the increase in circulation,that's where the benefits of coffee come from. Now, here are the negatives of coffee. Thebig thing is caffeine and consuming that much caffeine can have a, kind of an addictiveside effect as well as it can overstimulate the body and it can burn out your adrenalglands and really overtax your body. So that's the big negative. For a country in America and then across theworld, 80% of people will suffer with some

form of fatigue or adrenal fatigue sometimein their life. Because of that, if somebody is struggling with fatigue on a regular basisor has thyroid issues, adrenal issues or hormonal issues, for that reason I do not recommendthose people consume coffee because of all of the caffeine that you're going to findthere. Again, that caffeine is really the main issue with coffee is that it will burnout your adrenal glands. Think about this. Do you think you were createdto rely on stimulants all the timeé That's really what caffeine is, it's a stimulant.So doing large amounts of caffeine is not good at all for people with adrenal fatigue,thyroid problems or people with even autoimmune

disorders or other chronic illness, I do notrecommend coffee for those people. But, if you're already generally healthy orlet's say you just struggle with some circulation issues or you're trying to support the brainand you don't have autoimmune disease or any type of thyroid or adrenal issue. In thatcase, consuming coffee in moderate amounts can be fine and even good for your health. Now, when you're consuming coffee, you needto consume it in the morning or before lunch. Because what happens, if you start drinkingit in the afternoon or especially in the evening, the life of coffee and the caffeine and howlong it will affect your body can be around

12 hours. If you're consuming it in the afternoon, itcan definitely affect your sleep cycle that night. Not just you falling asleep, but youroverall quality of sleep while you're trying to sleep that night. So again, is coffee goodé Is it badé The truthis, coffee, it just really depends on your body. It depends on if you have one of theseconditions, coffee can make it worse. Versus if you're looking for a little bit of a pickme up, you're going to do it earlier in the day, you need more antioxidants and circulation,for those reasons, coffee can have some of

Banana Cinnamon Tea For Deep Sleep with Author Sean Stephenson

So, we're talking about something todaythat everybody deals with, and you've dealt with it in the past: sleep issues. So, there's this bananacinnamon tea recipe that we're going to make, that's going to help load the body with potassium, magnesium, minerals that will actually help you sleep. I don't know what you do with the banana in that, I'm making a frapp.

You know that more than forty percent of americans, are walking around, well not this guy, but most are walking around with less than the recommended amount of sleep. Forty percent, that's insaneé I know!And when you're actually sleep deprived and tired, and you actually like jump in your carand do something that you would do every day, it's just as dangerous as drunk driving. So, did you know that the NationalHighway Association actually estimates that fatigue is the cause of a hundred thousand auto crashes in the US every single year.

It's all preventable but we have to take control over sleep. I was reading another survey, and itactually said thirtyseven percent of people in America, which is about, like a hundred and three million, a hundred and three million exactly,have reported falling asleep at the wheel. I fall asleep during your tutorials. You doéIs that dangerousé Our editorial director, Sheree, has actually fallen asleep at the wheel of the car and she actually totaled her car. She's lucky she's alive. We didn't heard anybody else, that's dangerous.

Had she known about this one little simple remedyé Things could have been different. Let's talk about what is this.Alright! So, you're a psychologist. I actually have a background in al hypnosisand psychotherapy. So, the physiological aspect of the lack of sleep,actually hurts the cognitive process, makes you hallucinate, You loss of judgement.

Your decisionmaking become so poor, that you just stopped caring about things. So, some of the other risks are heart disease, heart attacks, heart failure, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes,low sex drive, depression. Oh, did you just say low sex driveé Really low sex drive! We need to look at this issue. Banana has contain high levels of potassium and magnesium,

which is known as muscle relaxers, righté So, they relax your muscles. So, Sean had too much bananas, and the magnesium and potassium, have actually causing him to pass out right here. The highest dose of these mineralsare actually found in the peel of bananas, which is why we are going to use them in a recipe today. I'm looking forward to it. Melatonin is the hormone that actually helps you sleep,

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