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Obstructive Sleep Apnea versus Central Sleep Apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea is when the airwaybecomes narrowed or obstructed and you're making the effort to breathe but we do notsee any flow in air movement coming from your nose or mouth. Where central sleep apnea occurswhere your brain forgets to tell your body to breathe. If we're looking at it from avery simplistic term and so we do not see the drive to breathe. So the first step isto come into the and be seen by one of our physicians in the sleep medicine .We'll go through a questionnaire and try to determine what risk factors we think you havefor sleep apnea such as obesity, snoring, daytime sleepiness and then if we think thatyou have a high risk for meeting those criteria

then we would set you up for a sleep studyeither in your home to do an overnight sleep study or in our laboratory, depending on yoursituation. The CPAP can be used to treat both conditions and, in some patients, that isenough. However, there are some patients that have more complex types of central sleep apneathat require more complicated types of machines to treat that condition. Obstructive sleepapnea actually has been linked to a lot of other problems such as high blood pressureand then, you know, difficulty functioning during the day. If it goes untreated for along period of time there's an increased risk of early heart problems and those types ofthings.

Weight Loss Surgery Success Can Weight Loss Cure Sleep Apnea

Hello everyone this is Clark from the Center for Weight Loss Success in Newport New, VA. And on this podcast of Weight Loss Surgery Success we're going to be talking to Timothy Queen who is one of the ENT surgeons here inNewport News, VA. We're going to discuss a little bit aboutsleep apnea and weight loss. Stay tuned, we'll be right back. Welcome back everyone. This is Clark again and we are talking to Timothy Queen.

is where the ENT surgeons here inNewport News Reader talk a little bit about sleep apnea Queen, tell us a little bit aboutyourself. Thank you, Tom I'm Tim Queen and grain I'm practicing here in Newport News in the Oyster Point area. I've been in practice since 1995 I grew up in Virginia, went to school at UVA and went out to Southern California for residency and then came back to the great Commonwealth. I've been practicing ever since.

Queen and I go way back. We have kids about the sameage and we're good friends here in Newport News. Today we're going to talk a little bitabout sleep apnea and how does sleep apnea affect weight. Tim whydon't you discuss a little bit about what sleepapnea is, how do we evaluated it, and that kind of thing. Well sleep apnea basically is when you stop

breathing while you're sleeping.I There are different forms. It can be a central nervous systemproblem, called a neurologic issue. And then there's obstructive sleep apneawhich is what we tend to deal with when there's some type of obstructioninsider the upper airway that can keep the airflow in your lungs. When you fall asleep muscles relax and so it closes off your airway.

If you already have some type of previous obstruction, it tends to block your airway. When you fall asleep and your not breathing your oxygen level starts to fall and you wake up to start to breathe again. And then you increase so you can get more air in. you to wake up to start breathing again. People who have sleep apnea may have theseepisodes multiple times during the hour

where they stop breathing and they wake upagain to catch a breathe. That can leadto numerous medical problems including cardiopulmonary failure. Obviously the danger of being sleepy during the day, auto accidents are more common with sleep apnea patients. So a lot of different medical problemscan come up from sleep apnea. So it's not just that all these other problems exist and they're by themselves but actually the sleep apneaitself can make these problems worse.

Before and After Weight Loss Surgery Testimonial Summa Health

wait always been kind of a lifelongstruggle for me but really back when I was 45 or so the way became unmanageablefor me it got to the point where diet and exercise just wasn't the answeranymore without my 40th birthday so almost three years ago today I reallymade a solemn declaration of myself that when I turned 50 I just had to be abetter healthier place for myself and for my son prior to my surgery I really feltlandlocked you know I ready to go outside for various reasons

a lot of selfconsciousness just beyondthe physical aspect of being able to get up off the couch and go do those thingswithout you know physically able to go doom and I really felt you know kind ofa prisoner inside of my own house at that time with the morbid obesity alwayschallenge somebody to to give me an idea of an Oregon or a system in the bodythat's not negatively affected by morbid obesity like so many of our patients jimwas a diabetic and suffered from gastroesophagealreflux hypertension sleep apnea and a host of other conditions that's just toname a few and those are the conditions

that come together and can affect in aroad in South and lead to decrease in longevity micro simply gone into surgerywas I just need you I want to be healthy again I wanted to be able to be activeit was always about longevity was never about vanity for me I want to see my myson grow up and I want to see him go to college and have a family of his own myfirst meeting with Dan my surgeon at to my health system was a wonderfulexperience dan put me at ease right away we discuss the options he took asmuch time as I needed during that initial consultation answered everyquestion that I had however trivial that

was before I left that initialconsultation I felt very good about my choice insurgent when I met with jim wedid discuss the various surgical options it's important to try to match thepatient to the right procedure for them and that can depend based on thepatient's past medical history best surgical history and golds gym looked at all the options and we feltthat laparoscopic crew and Y gastric bypass was the best option for him i Royuse my photography as a method to keep me busy post surgery that was it wassomething that I was interested before

surgery I got interested in it with myson in the sport city play and really postsurgery I can develop my ownpersonal mantra of go create if I have enough time to sit on the couch and Ihave enough time to go create so when I find myself with nothing to do its pick up the camera and head out thedoor and go create our biggest attribute the biggest opposition motivated patientwho wants to take charge of their health and wants to make a difference in theirhome qualityoflife so we provide patientsand bariatric surgery with an excellent

tool and an operation which helps themalong the way but really it's the motivation and the compliance thepatient patients like Jim that has so much to do with the longterm successthere is an answer out there for a long time I didn't feel there was an answerthe only answer I was given with diet and exercise and there are other answersjust have to do the research.

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