Sleep Apnea Waking Up Gasping For Air

How to Diagnose Sleep Disorders Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Obstructive Sleep Apnea is a condition inwhich a person's airway closes for a number of reasons while they're sleeping, causingthe body to startle itself awake in the absence of any breathing occurring. The word quot;apneaquot;comes from the Greek, literally meaning quot;no breathing.quot; In Obstructive Sleep Apnea, whena person is relaxed and reclined when they're sleeping, the muscles in their throat relax,too. And, given a variety of other factorsthe width of a person's neck; the overall diameterof their windpipe; soft palate issues; retrognathia, which is a jaw that's set back more, or sortof a diminished chin, is how that also might be said. These factors can contribute to theairway relaxing and closing during sleep,

causing an apnea or a hypopnea, which is adecrease in breath. And because of this apnea or hypopnea, a person then wakes themselfas a selfdefense mechanism to avoid not breathing at all. A person can have anywhere to onehundred to two hundred of these a night. That would be considered a very severe case ofObstructive Sleep Apnea. Even five to twenty awakenings a night, which would be considereda mild case of sleep apnea, is more than enough to disrupt a person's sleep and cause a numberof issues during the day. Symptoms of sleep apnea are headache; dry mouth; a feeling ofpoor sleepunrestedness. People report it as insomnia or daytime fatigue. It's not uncommonto have a person come to a sleep disorders

office under thosea premise of somethingof that nature, and to, after a proper diagnostics, find out that it's Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

What can a DENTIST do for snoring and sleep apnea

Do yousnore on a regular basisé Does your snoring cause youor your partner to wake upé Do you wake up gasping for airé Do you experience excessivedaytime sleepinessé If the answer is yes, you might be an undiagnosed sleep apnea patient. Hi, I'm Lance Timmerman, a sleep dentist near Seattle.

Obstructive Sleep Apneacan be life threatening and treating it is important. In fact, hall of famefootball great Reggie White died in his sleep fromobstructive sleep apnea at 43 years of age. If you or someone you lovehas any of these symptoms, quit playing Russianroulette and call us today for a free consultation.

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