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Is surgery the only option for treating sleep apnea or snoring

I do predominantly the line share of sleep apnea surgery in our department. I collaborate closely with the pulmonologists, who are the sleep medicine s. Those are the s that help diagnose and treat sleep apnea, as well. If those patients fail their, their medical or their conservative therapy, that's typically when they get sent to see me for surgical considerations to, to look at potential cures for their apnea. It's not uncommon for me to see a lot of patients for, who come in for snoring complaints and, you know, are wondering whether or not they have sleep apnea. So sleep apnea is condition where you actually stop breathing at night.

Snoring is somewhere on that spectrum, towards the more mild, you know, milder end of that spectrum. But, you know, really the only way to determine if you have sleep apnea, the gold standard of testing, is really getting a sleep study. And that's an overnight, monitored study where patients, you know, sleep in a room that's similar to a hotel room but they're being monitored and they're hooked up, you know, for sound so to speak with different monitors and cables on them. And that's really our best test to diagnose sleep apnea. The treatment for sleep apnea is typically a nonsurgical therapy; something called CPAP,

which stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure. And it's the patients that don't tolerate their CPAP who end up seeing me for surgical considerations. And there's a number of reasons why patients may not tolerate their CPAP. But there are some surgeries that can be helpful in patients who are not tolerant of their medical therapy. And I offer a variety of surgeries including nasal surgery, a variety of palatal surgeries for the kind of tonsil and soft pallet region and then also a variety of tonguebased procedures, as well. But we typically see a patient back after their procedure in about three weeks to recheck everything, make sure that they're healing okay.

After that, I normally recheck a sleep study in about three months after their surgery, just to give everything a chance to heal and to scar. And we, you know, make further recommendations based on the result of their followup sleep study after their surgery. We're exploring the, a new technology now which is actually a nerve stimulator for sleep apnea. It's an implantable device, very similar to a pacemaker that goes into the patient's chest. And there's an electrode that will actually stimulate the nerve that goes to the tongue to provide the tongue with a little bit of more tone when they're sleeping at night, and thereby eliminating their sleep apnea.

Kenneth Goldberg DMD in Santa Maria CA Coastal Oral Surgery Dental Implant Center

Hello I'm Kenneth Goldberg and I'ma boardcertified oral and maxillofacial surgeon at Coastal Oral Surgery and Dental ImplantCenter. I first began practicing oral surgery in 1993 in New Jersey and I've had the privilegeof treating patients of all ages for a variety of conditions ever since. Pitrowski andI were classmates in graduate school and remained friends following our training. When the opportunityarose to join the practice in 2011, I moved to the central coast with my family. I feelextremely fortunate to work in such a beautiful and friendly community of people and see patientsfrom all over the central coast in our offices. Whether you've lost teeth and are seekingto replace them with dental implants, or have

impacted wisdom teeth or canines, or havesustained a traumatic facial injury or suffer from jaw misalignment, we have the knowledgeand the expertise to correctly diagnose your problem and treat it appropriately. My educationand training has definitely influenced the way I treat patients and the care I provide.After I earned my undergraduate degree at Tulane University and completed my dental educationat the University of Pennsylvania, I went on to complete a residency in Oral and MaxillofacialSurgery at the Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New York. This fouryear residencyallowed me the opportunity to train beside highly qualified and respected surgeons andanesthesiologists and gain significant hands

on experience with all aspects of oral surgery.Intensive based training provided me the ability to understand and treat mypatients from a medical and surgical standpoint but to also understand the importance of providingpersonalized care to each and every patient. I personally strive each day to put my patientsat ease and to make the entire experience as comfortable as possible. Our staff doesan outstanding job in making you feel relaxed as they prepare you for your appointment.I welcome you to browse our website, give our office a call or just stop by. We appreciatethe opportunity to meet with you and answer any questions that you may have. Thank youfor your time.

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