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Hi, my name is Troy Giles. I am a of Chiropractic and a Natural Internist. Today I wanted to talk to you a little about apnea,and sleep apnea. This is a major issue in the world. People are having trouble sleepingand there are many reasons for apnea. One is neurologic, where the nerves, the brain,the connection to the lung is not working correctly. Also, thyroid we find, thyroiddysfunction, where low thyroid. Thyroid is what helps you control your breathing patternswhile you are asleep. If you have low thyroid, the thyroid affects the heart and the rhythmof breathing. So low thyroid can affect it as well. But, apnea is when you can't breathwell. Your sleeping and you just stop breathing.

There can be constrictive apnea as well, whereyou have enlarged tonsils, or your throat is closed down. I had a patient that had,this has been probably ten years ago, had a roto rooter, if you will, where they went in down on thetrachea, the throat, removed the tonsils and literally removed and widened the trachea,all the way down through his neck, through his throat. Extremely painful, literally hewished he could have died. That ultimately, still didn't help any. He can get better air,bit still he is on a CPAP machine. The treatment for it, medically, is to use a CPAP or a ByPAPmachine, which helps to force air into you and helps you to breathe during the evening.Another issue is that many times its body

habitus, enlarged gut. If you are laying onyour side and you have a larger tummy, you have to push your tummy up while you are breathing,sleeping at nighttime. Literally, you are having to lift up your tummy all night long.After a couple of hours or so, you become fatigued. The diaphragm becomes fatigued oflifting, pushing. So you just stop breathing for a minute. You can go 30 seconds, a minute,2 minutes. Finally, you gasp for air. This happens over and over and over. The CPAP helpsto force the air in you are just basically breathing easier. The sense of breathing isthere, but you are now lifting with forced air, in the abdomen, and in to your lungs.So to treat this, naturally, we want to look

at supporting the lung tissue. We want tosupport anything that is going to help you to get rid of inflammation through the throat.We want to treat the thyroid and the adrenal glands to have them up and running the waythey should so they are giving good information to the heart and to your breathing pattern.We would do this through supplementation. The supplementation we would want to looktowards would be the adrenal glands first, Adrenex. We would support the adrenals withAdrenex. Thyroiden to support the thyroid tissue. Thyroid again, we want to get itsmetabolism and its function the way that it should. Permalung helps to bring clarity,helps to remove sluggishness of the lungs,

bronchial congestion, mucus. A lot of timesthere is a mucus build up throughout the lung. Even with that we would want to look towardsleaky gut syndrome because when you have leaky gut, you are actually leaking toxins throughthe gut and they overwhelm the liver and its ability to detoxify. So a lot of the overalltoxins will come up and out through the lung. So you will have a lot of increased amountof toxin and production of mucus, so you will tighten up as well. So, asthma and apnea alsowork together. So, you want to see if you can't get rid of some of that tightness andcongestion that you feel. I would work with the diet, just helping, just eating more greenleafy vegetables. It is so vital to eat green

leafy vegetables every meal. So how do eatgreen leafy vegetables for breakfasté I would encourage you to get a significant blender,Vitamix is a good one, Blendtec is another one, Montel Williams I think has one thatis a good like two horsepower motor, that you can put in all the kinds of fruits thatyou want, green leafy vegetables, like kale, baby spinach, literally any vegetable thatyou want can go in there as well. If you make it correctly, it tastes very good. You haveall your fruits. You can get some of the big box stores have frozen fruit. You can putthat with a banana, maybe a protein powder of some type. The one we carry here is calledLepterra. That helps make it smoother and

Snoring Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Treatment Animation

Snoring and sleep apnea.In normal breathing, air enters the nostrils and goes through the throat and the tracheato the lungs. In people who snore this airway is partiallyobstructed by excess tissue of the throat, such as large tonsils, large soft palate ortongue. Another common cause of obstruction is the dropping of the tongue into the throatdue to over relaxation of tongue muscles during sleep. Air currents competing throughnarrow spaces in the throat cause the soft palate essentially a piece of soft tissuehanging in the throat to vibrate. This vibration is the source of the noise we hear when someoneis snoring.

Sleep apnea happens when the airway is completelyobstructed, no air can go through and the person stops breathing. This cessation ofbreathing triggers the brain to respond by waking up the person just enough to take abreath. This repeats itself again and again during the course of the night and may resultin sleep deprivation. Snoring and mild sleep apnea may be treatedwith a mandibular advancement device. This device is designed to move the lower jaw andthe tongue slightly forward and thus making the space in the back of the throat larger.

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hi my name is Paul Swann AKA the stopsnoring guy from sleep pro . com I would like to share with you someimportant things about sleeping and why we snore so first what is snoring why do we snorewell when we are awake the upper airway is open and supportedand air passes freely when we sleeping our muscles and body are obviously relaxand the soft structures that the upper airway can close down slightly and asair passes through it causes turbulence and this causes the soft tissue tovibrate this resonates through the chest

and the nasal cavities causing thefamiliar sound of snoring as we get older I'll put on a little weight it compromises the airway still furtherfat deposits closing down around the airway and age just making everything alittle less taught this can result in a myriad of problems the most obvious ismore snoring and poor quality sleep that means you feeling mythology cantired in the mornings this could also be an early indicator or more seriousconditions such as obstructive sleep apnea

you probably had to sleep apnea osa asit's also known as a very debilitating a serious condition always say is when thesoft tissue of your upper airway momentarily becomes blocked effectivelyyou stop reading until your brain triggers a subconscious response to moveposition or take a big gasp of air to open the obstruction this can happen literally hundreds oftimes in one night this results in a significant drop inthe amount of oxygen in the bloodstream which can have the same accumulativeeffect on your health as being a heavy

smoker increasing your risk of stroke orheart attack if you suspect you have our say you should seek professional medicaladvice before considering home treatment now for some good news there is a simpleway to fix these problems of osa and snoring and that's to use something tohold the upper airway open while you sleep and there are two common tried andtested ways to do this the first is cpap which stands forcontinuous positive air pressure and it's a machine the pumps air intothe airway to keep it inflated and open

it's the gold standard in osa treatmentbut not everyone's first choice for obvious reasons the second is called mandibularadvancement and that's our area of expertise we make mandibular advancement devicesor ma DS these hold your lower jaw slightly forward of his normal restingposition this puts a slight tension in the soft tissue of the upper airway andsimply stops and vibrating and keep the airway open

so very simple concept but we know thatfor thousands of our customers simply doing this is remarkably effectivestopping them snoring I'm making it possible to have a good refreshingnight's sleep al studies are showing thatwearing one of our mouth pieces can address the problem is a potentiallyhelping you live longer and have a better quality of life we're very proud to receive thisindependent validation since launching our first mouthpiece thece pro easy fit back in two thousand and

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