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Migraine Headache Treatment Charlotte NC

Darlene talks about her successful migraine treatments with Robert Harrell of Charlotte Headache Center. Call us now to reclaim your life from painful chronic headaches and migraines, TMJ disorder, earaches, tinnitus and sleep apnea.

Bill Conklin Migraine Treatment Relief Charlotte NC

My name is Bill Conklin. I've beenhaving migraines that were basically induced by clenching and um. they weren't painful but theywere almost blinding, as if you go to the eye and they dilate your eyes. You know they would last for anhour or so and they would happen several times a week. I came to see Harrell at Charlotte Headache Center because

I have been doing his dental laboratorywork since he graduated dental school. He was telling me about this new therapy treatment that he was gettinginto, you know, for people suffering frommigraines. He told me to come in and give it a try, so here I am. The

results were almost instantaneous. I think I've had maybe three episodes since August. And, the intensity of those episodes was nothing like minutes compared to an hour. Then when I realized the treatment was

actually working, the the feeling was relief. Everytime I hear somebody talk aboutmigraine headaches, I tell them to seek this kind of therapy. He's really one of the best dentists I'veever worked with in my 25year career. And, uh, you know I can't thank himenough for relieving this problem from me.

The girls in the staff, I've known themforever. They treated me like I was a king.

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