Sleep Apnea Mask Ratings

Is surgery the only option for treating sleep apnea or snoring

I do predominantly the line share of sleep apnea surgery in our department. I collaborate closely with the pulmonologists, who are the sleep medicine s. Those are the s that help diagnose and treat sleep apnea, as well. If those patients fail their, their medical or their conservative therapy, that's typically when they get sent to see me for surgical considerations to, to look at potential cures for their apnea. It's not uncommon for me to see a lot of patients for, who come in for snoring complaints and, you know, are wondering whether or not they have sleep apnea. So sleep apnea is condition where you actually stop breathing at night.

Snoring is somewhere on that spectrum, towards the more mild, you know, milder end of that spectrum. But, you know, really the only way to determine if you have sleep apnea, the gold standard of testing, is really getting a sleep study. And that's an overnight, monitored study where patients, you know, sleep in a room that's similar to a hotel room but they're being monitored and they're hooked up, you know, for sound so to speak with different monitors and cables on them. And that's really our best test to diagnose sleep apnea. The treatment for sleep apnea is typically a nonsurgical therapy; something called CPAP,

which stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure. And it's the patients that don't tolerate their CPAP who end up seeing me for surgical considerations. And there's a number of reasons why patients may not tolerate their CPAP. But there are some surgeries that can be helpful in patients who are not tolerant of their medical therapy. And I offer a variety of surgeries including nasal surgery, a variety of palatal surgeries for the kind of tonsil and soft pallet region and then also a variety of tonguebased procedures, as well. But we typically see a patient back after their procedure in about three weeks to recheck everything, make sure that they're healing okay.

After that, I normally recheck a sleep study in about three months after their surgery, just to give everything a chance to heal and to scar. And we, you know, make further recommendations based on the result of their followup sleep study after their surgery. We're exploring the, a new technology now which is actually a nerve stimulator for sleep apnea. It's an implantable device, very similar to a pacemaker that goes into the patient's chest. And there's an electrode that will actually stimulate the nerve that goes to the tongue to provide the tongue with a little bit of more tone when they're sleeping at night, and thereby eliminating their sleep apnea.

CPAP PRO The Best CPAP Mask For Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea sufferers know the frustration of their CPAP mask I was miserable. I had headgear all over my face, full mask, apparatus that came over my face and my nose I would wake up in the morning with big red lines in my face from the straps of the traditional masks I would lay on my side and push the mask away and I'd get a puff of air in the face that would wake me up And then I found CPAP PRO that was so easy to use. I was in heaven After using my CPAPPRO I have never had a problem CPAP PRO has no mask or headgear The easy to easy to form mouthpiece fits comfortably to your upper teeth

No matter how you twist and turn from side to side, CPAPPRO lets you sleep comfortably through the night No more leaks, claustrophobia, or skin irritation Sleep apnea patients, don't wait! Call right now. Or visit our website at CPAPPRO to end the nightly torture And if you call or log on right now, you'll get your free Internet download of quot;Snoring Can Kill!!quot; To learn about the symptoms and causes of sleep apnea, and how you can restore vitality to your life CPAP PRO is just $179.99. Call right now or visit our website at CPAPPRO You breath like a dream, sleep like a baby, and it is wonderful It works. CPAPPRO works. It's no guessing, no maybe. It 100 % works

It's time for you to sleep in comfort all night long without a sleep apnea mask The revolutionary design of CPAP PRO is making CPAP masks tolerable for thousands of sleep apnea sufferers worldwide Now you can end the CPAP mask discomfort by ordering your CPAP PRO today. Call or log on right now to change the way you sleep forever plus you'll get the free Internet download of quot;Snoring Can Kill!!quot; Let CPAPPRO start working for you Call or log on to order right now I've been using the CPAP Pro for about three and a half years, and I've never regretted it, and I'm going to use it for the rest of my life Before CPAPPRO I was miserable. Nothing worked. CPAP Pro works

Compensation 101 How did I get this rating

If you've receiveda rating with multiple disabilitiesand wondered how VA got the combined percentage,the following information and example can help youunderstand. VA uses a concept calledthe quot;Whole Person Theoryquot; to determine Veteran'scombined disability rating. This method ensures thata disability rating can never be greater than 100,since a person cannot be

more than 100% able bodied. The disability isdetermined by using the quot;Combined Rating Tablequot;located at 38 CFR 4.25. To use the rating table,you need to start with the highest disabilitypercentage, and from there, arrange them in orderof severity, highest to lowest. For example, if there aretwo disabilities evaluated 50 and 30 percent disabling,the highest degree

or most severe disability in this example 50% will be foundin the left column. Then, the otherless severe disability in this example 30% will be found in the top row. The figures appearingin the space where the left columnand top row intersect will represent the combinedvalue of both disabilities. This combined value willthen be converted

to the nearest numberdivisible by 10. Remember, combined valuesending in 5 or higher, will be adjusted upward to the nearest number divisible by 10. Combined values endingin 4 or lower, will be rounded down to the nearest divisible by 10. The rounding is only doneat the very end after all the disabilitieshave been combined. Let's begin withJoe Veteran as an example.

Joe has been ratedfor the following disabilities in order of severity: 30% PostTraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), 20% Diabetes Mellitus,10% Peripheral Neuropathy. Joe has a combined rating of 50%. This combined rating wasderived by the following method. Start with the greatestdisability and then combine them using Table 1in 38 CFR 4.25.

First take the 30% ratingand find it in the left column. Then take the nexthighest disability which is 20% from the top row. The figures appearingin the space where the column and row intersect will represent the combined value of the two. The value is 44. Use this value for theleft row and then find

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