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Severe Obstructive Sleep ApneaSleep Apnea TreatmentMayo .

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Hi, I'm Stephen Schendel. I'm board certifiedin Plastic and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, and have been in practice for over 30 years.What are some of the treatments for sleep apneaé The first and what we call the goldstandard is CPAP. This is where you wear a mask at night which will give you oxygen orair under pressure, and alleviate the symptoms and cause of obstructive sleep apnea. Sometimesif your sleep apnea is not that severe you can wear a dental splint which will positionyour jaw forward. In many cases surgery is also indicated, andthere are several surgical procedures that we do to help snoring or decrease snoring,but also open up your airway permanently.

This is really important for people that can'twear CPAP. About 48 to 49% of the individuals on CPAP don't wear it on a regular basis,so it's not doing them any good, and they really can't tolerate it. Those individuals need to have some othertreatment. Surgery is the main treatment to relieve the obstructive problem and sleepapnea. This is not a condition that you can ignore and not treat.

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Patient care to me means giving a patientthe best experience they could have from the minute they walk in the door to the minutethey leave. Everybody comes in and wants to give 100% or more every day and it's a hardworking team. The staff here is great – all the ladies that we work with here are wonderful,the s are amazing. Cadra – he has a really big heart and he's a gogetter.He's the guy I want in my corner if there's a trauma or if I have a small child that needscare. We try to explain in our consultative process the procedures in detail, how to preparefor them, what's going to happen during and following the procedures, to make themat ease when they come in for their actual

surgical appointment. Barber is a fantasticaddition to our team; I think he brings a passion for surgery and just a love for peoplein general. I think what makes me passionate about being an oral surgeon is just the abilityto really restore someone's smile, and someone's confidence; try to put them at ease and Ijust really enjoy working with people and getting to know them, and hearing their storyand kind of becoming a part of their lives for a little bit. Baker's a great guy– he's very sincere, very positive, wonderful surgeon. I feel our practice differs fromthose around in experience, training and across the board availability. With 3 s inthe practice, we are able to keep the office

staffed with 2 s virtually every dayof the year, which is our goal. I believe that we are the premier oral surgery practicein the whole area, I mean as far as you can drive in either direction, because we haves that are committed to excellent patient care, whether that be doing an implant ordoing a facial reconstruction, they're the best. I just am proud of the team that wehave here, the staff, our administration, the s that I work with; it couldn'tbe a better place.

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