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New Home Sleep Test for Patients with Sleep Apnea

the wanting foster there is on themorning partially with for how it is uh. and some things we don't get thatgreat of sleep n general anyone you notice that in the in the hot days ofsummer and seem to be more drawing with all year when you're ready for bed in away for bears night falls uh. by if u always seem out of it you never feelrested it might be because you have sleep apnea sleep apnea alexis pants shows is a new test you can take andholbrook but also i hear that the the hand thesleeping disorder they like this

pagan warning and then we'll call now how important it is to get in ninety sq good night's sleep right it makes youfeel so much better the next day but there's so many people out there thatfor whatever reason sleeping disorders or whatever reason it is they don'tsleep well at night summary an artist's leap expert laureate level even balisleep sinners and yukon and meet a contest that you can actually take homeyou don't have to go anywhere in you can see if you have sleep apnea correct wehave a new device called the aries

device and it's actually something thatyou can have ordered by your home our skis near physician you familyphysician or you can come in here and meet with one of our boardcertifiedsleep physician and if you have a high test probability for ts truck to sleepapnea you can take this device home and where at home though this is their right here an it'sbasically free because you're ordering at your health insurance is paying forit and we're gonna show at how easy it is to do

correct most insurance companies docover this test it's right around two hundred dollars or less so depending onyour outofpocket deductibles things like that right it's a allot less expensive a fullnights sleep study can run anywhere from seven fifty two fifteen hundred dollarsfor just a handson you know what your insurance coverages that if you've had apercent carriages hundredpercent erica's it is medically necessary film up red flags are out there

where you see maybe think hey i could have sleep apnea if you're achronic snorers or if you have a neck circumference oflarger than eighteen inches it here b_m_i_ which is your body mass index islarger than thirty if you have excessive daytime sleepiness or if you just have here to bility herhigh blood pressure tools are all reasons that you could have obstructivesleep apnea you take this test home and there's actually a little of the wastethat will talking through the entire

process so you're by yourself puttingaside correct that their voice lax eight tellbaaki right through it so you can just put it on a home and you can lay downand it measures your snoring your oxygen level yourheart rate i'm just a bunch of different grammars in tells us if you stop readinghe came here and now that it's actually walking new threeway to deal and thenblue analyzes the result so when you bring it back the next dayare boardcertified sleep position actually brings up the data

Home Sleep Test Explained

Tired throughout the dayéDo you snore loudlyé Are you overweightéYou may have a disorder called sleep apnea. People with sleep apnea stop breathing intheir sleep for seconds or even minutes at a time. The airway gets obstructed, preventingoxygen from passing to the lungs. When untreated, sleep apnea can trigger ahost of other serious complications including: Excessive daytime sleepiness, stroke, heartattacks, loss of motivation, higher cancer risk, diabetes, memory problems, high bloodpressure, weight gain, and depression and anxiety.Sleep apnea has also been linked to diminished

alertness, increased car accidents, and manyother serious problems…even death. The good news is that sleep apnea is completelytreatable. The first step is getting tested. You canget tested for sleep apnea with our awardwinning home sleep test. The testing device shipsdirectly to your home. Use it and return it the following day with the prepaid shippinglabel. Home testing is the best way to get testedfor sleep apnea. It's more convenient and comfortable than testing in a sleep laboratory,as well as being more private. The home sleep test costs nearly a quarter of the price ofa laboratory test, and is covered by most

major insurance plans.We'll score the data as soon as we receive the device back from you, and send your a report with the results. If you need APAP treatment, you can get a prescription fromyour and purchase your APAP device. Like the home sleep test, our APAP is coveredby most insurance plans. We'll help you get set up and even help you stay on coursewith treatment through our compliance management program.If you need a prescription, call us. We can help.

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