Supplies For Sleep Apnea

Obstructive Sleep Apnea versus Central Sleep Apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea is when the airwaybecomes narrowed or obstructed and you're making the effort to breathe but we do notsee any flow in air movement coming from your nose or mouth. Where central sleep apnea occurswhere your brain forgets to tell your body to breathe. If we're looking at it from avery simplistic term and so we do not see the drive to breathe. So the first step isto come into the and be seen by one of our physicians in the sleep medicine .We'll go through a questionnaire and try to determine what risk factors we think you havefor sleep apnea such as obesity, snoring, daytime sleepiness and then if we think thatyou have a high risk for meeting those criteria

then we would set you up for a sleep studyeither in your home to do an overnight sleep study or in our laboratory, depending on yoursituation. The CPAP can be used to treat both conditions and, in some patients, that isenough. However, there are some patients that have more complex types of central sleep apneathat require more complicated types of machines to treat that condition. Obstructive sleepapnea actually has been linked to a lot of other problems such as high blood pressureand then, you know, difficulty functioning during the day. If it goes untreated for along period of time there's an increased risk of early heart problems and those types ofthings.

Waking Bob Up to His Sleep Apnea Midway Sleep Lab

I'd be happy to see your husband.Yes, I understand. I'd definitely be able to help him. Not aproblem. That woman I was speaking to was Sue. Herhusband snores and has trouble breathing at night.It seems like his sleep problems and weight gain are related. Sue mentioned that he'sput on a lot of weight and as result now he has sleep apnea and stops breathing at night.She also mentioned that she noticed that he nods off while driving and this is completelyas a result of his sleep apnea. (Sighs) Yeah, I'm a little freaked out. I'venever had a problem with weight or sleep before.

Yeah. I had to sleep in our spare bedroomlast night. That's the first night we've spent apart in the five years we've been married.Are you waking up choking or gaspingé Yeah, sometimes, yeah.Ok. Have you noticed that he stops breathing in the middle of the nightéI've noticed the gasping suddenly. He'll wake me up.Bob, you'll definitely need to have a sleep study. And we need to get you into our sleeplab. What is a sleep studyéA sleep study basically involves having you come in usually around 10 o'clock at nightand sleeping in our laboratory. They're very

nice rooms, very much like hotel rooms. Andwhat we do is we hook you up; we're able to actually measure brainwave activity, measurethe stages of sleep, measure and see how high or how low your oxygen level is, as well seeif you're having sleep apnea, which is essentially episodes where you stop breathing and yourairway is closed. Wow.This is nice. This *is* nice.Oh wow. Well this is nicer than some of the hotelrooms we've stayed in. You know, I should've done this six monthsago. I mean who knew that just a couple of

simple tests and some easy lifestyle changescould make such a big difference in the quality of life.Goodnight! Bye, we love you!We're not here just to treat symptoms; We're here to help people live. Bob and Sue realizedthat Bob's sleep and weight issues were causing him problems and affecting them as a couple.They knew they needed to work together to make changes. And with Avi's help, theyknow that they can be successful.

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