Sleep Apnea Worse After Tonsillectomy

Taking Out the Tonsils

gt;gt; Far and away the most commonreasons we take out tonsils. Number one would be because they're too they're enlarged and they're causing problems because they're enlarged, and they're causingwhat I describe as obstructive symptoms. Usually the big one is snoring. And if particularly if it's snoringwhere there's disruption of sleep. Restlessness. Sleeping in weird positions. Waking frequently.

Sleeping a lot of hours but then stillbeing really tired during the day. And sometimes it can be bad enough wherethere's actually pauses and changes in the breathing patterns, such as sleep apnea. Our second problem that we would performtonsillectomy for would be infectious problems. So recurrent infections involvingthe tonsil tissue. Strep infections are we takeparticular notice with those. But truly, any situation where apatient's having significant sore throats. Missing a lot of school.

Needing to be on antibiotics. Or if they're having a complicationrelated to a throat infection, like an abcess that needs to be dealt with. These would be reasons toconsider taking out the tonsils.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Boise ID Rachel Boise Oral Surgery Dental Implant Center

I'm Rachel. I'm from Kuna, Idaho. I cameto see Bobst because I was having problems with my wisdom teeth. My husband found Bobst; called around to some different dentists to see which one they recommended and Bobst was the one that they liked the best. I was nervous about anesthesia. I had gottensome teeth taken out when I was younger. When I came in the staff was very friendly andcalm. Bobst made me feel at ease. He reassured me that everything was going to be fine. Theactual procedure was awesome because I fell asleep really fast. I didn't even know I wasgoing to go to sleep and then I woke up a couple of seconds later; it seemed. It wasthe most pleasant experience that I've ever

had with a dentist or an oral surgeon. Therecovery was great. I have 5 kids and they're all going to need their wisdom teeth takenout and I will definitely bring them to Bobst.

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