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Is surgery the only option for treating sleep apnea or snoring

I do predominantly the line share of sleep apnea surgery in our department. I collaborate closely with the pulmonologists, who are the sleep medicine s. Those are the s that help diagnose and treat sleep apnea, as well. If those patients fail their, their medical or their conservative therapy, that's typically when they get sent to see me for surgical considerations to, to look at potential cures for their apnea. It's not uncommon for me to see a lot of patients for, who come in for snoring complaints and, you know, are wondering whether or not they have sleep apnea. So sleep apnea is condition where you actually stop breathing at night.

Snoring is somewhere on that spectrum, towards the more mild, you know, milder end of that spectrum. But, you know, really the only way to determine if you have sleep apnea, the gold standard of testing, is really getting a sleep study. And that's an overnight, monitored study where patients, you know, sleep in a room that's similar to a hotel room but they're being monitored and they're hooked up, you know, for sound so to speak with different monitors and cables on them. And that's really our best test to diagnose sleep apnea. The treatment for sleep apnea is typically a nonsurgical therapy; something called CPAP,

which stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure. And it's the patients that don't tolerate their CPAP who end up seeing me for surgical considerations. And there's a number of reasons why patients may not tolerate their CPAP. But there are some surgeries that can be helpful in patients who are not tolerant of their medical therapy. And I offer a variety of surgeries including nasal surgery, a variety of palatal surgeries for the kind of tonsil and soft pallet region and then also a variety of tonguebased procedures, as well. But we typically see a patient back after their procedure in about three weeks to recheck everything, make sure that they're healing okay.

After that, I normally recheck a sleep study in about three months after their surgery, just to give everything a chance to heal and to scar. And we, you know, make further recommendations based on the result of their followup sleep study after their surgery. We're exploring the, a new technology now which is actually a nerve stimulator for sleep apnea. It's an implantable device, very similar to a pacemaker that goes into the patient's chest. And there's an electrode that will actually stimulate the nerve that goes to the tongue to provide the tongue with a little bit of more tone when they're sleeping at night, and thereby eliminating their sleep apnea.

The Geek Approach to Sleep Apnea Koichi Nakayama at TEDxFukuoka

Today I'm going to talk about sleep. We humans spend almost 30% of life in sleeping. Sleep is important to refresh your body, reorganize your memories, and insufficient sleep may lead to daytime sleepiness and lack of concentration on your work. And too much insufficient sleep may leave your immune system weaker, and you can catch a cold easily. If you look at the market, there are so many sleeprelated goods,

like comfortable pillows, futons, some sleepinducing music CDs, and more recently, there are some hightech sleep monitors available. And if you check your smartphone mobile apps, there are so many sleeprelated applications on the smartphone apps market. And usually these sleeprelated appsare given a top 10 ranking in the healthcare categories. Demand for comfortable and better sleep is getting larger and larger.

But, by the way, my specialty is not sleep. I am a parttime orthopedic surgeon treating bones and joints, not cosmetic surgery, by the way. But mostly, I dedicate my work to regenerative medicine to try to make organs from cells, instead of using other peoples' organs for transplantation. And we're also developing a robotic system cooperating with companiesfor cell cultures,

and also we're developinga kind of 3D bioprinter. With this printing system, we can fabricate living 3dimensional construct from cells. So, our future goal is to make patients' own organs from patients' own cells. And to expand my research eyes, I really love to explore many gadgetsand new technologies, such as quad copter or some activity logger and work out. I couldn't finish this program, but already I'm thinking about

whether these technologies can be applied to our research field. And recently, I was really amazed by Kinect. It's a kind of 3D scanner and motion sensor, relatively inexpensive, plus, it's released as a game controller from Microsoft but recently thanks to many hackers and Microsoft, many programmers can programtheir own Kinect program. So, one day, I investedin Kinect with my kids. I noticed this Kinect can be used as night vision.

Even in the darkness, the systemis still tracking your body parts and captures the night image without turning the light on. So I had the idea to use Kinect as a sleep monitor. Because most of the smartphone sleep apps cannot capture your sleeping image, only replay your sleeping sounds and some graphs from motion sensors. I put my Kinect in my bedroom like this, and made software as a night recorder. And even covered with a futon, the system still tracks your body,

ENT Beverly Hills Marc Kayem 3107777879 snoring surgery Beverly HillsHow to stop snoring Fast

My name is marc Kayem, Beverly hills ENT in California, and i subspecialize in treatment for snoring. Snoring is a very common problem that leadsto a lot of social issues. and i know what is like. patients come to see me, they saythat they have to sleep in a separate room, they have to sleep on the coach. the snoringis a big strain on their relationship . and the good news is .you can fix it. there isdifferent steps that may be necessary, in some cases it may be results after one simpletreatment. sometimes it may takes two or three treatments. the good news is that is all officebased treatments in Beverly Hills that have almost no downtime,

they are simple, they are quick and they work.I have been a physician for almost thirty years and i subspecialize in how to stop snoring forat least 15 years and i can tell you that i definitely understand the issues that areat stake, relationships are at Stake. When people have to sleep in separate bedroomsit's a strain on their relationship. And the benefit that they get once this is resolve,the smile on the face of the patients when they see the benefit that they achieve andbeen able to sleep with their love one again, it's a beautiful, very rewarding Experience as an ENT.the question that i am asked most often  quot;how to stop snoringquot; and the good news is . itcan be done this is our specialty.

We would love to welcome you here in our Beverlyhills office. call us at the number on your screen ‪310 777 7879‬ and make sureto mention this tutorial for a special offer. se you soon!.

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