Sleep Apnea Sales Jobs

Earn Starting Pay of 4548 CPM and Great Home Time At Crete Carrier

Sometimes in trucking the truth can be hardto find with companies promising you one thing and you receiving another. At Crete Carrier,we don't hide behind misleading signon bonuses or sales gimmicks. Our over the roaddrivers start out earning 45 to 48 cents per practical mile, no strings attached. Wantflexible home time optionsé We have a variety of fleets that will meet your needs. Plus,you'll get the added benefits of a pet policy, guaranteed detention pay, and our gold standardbenefits. This is where the rubber meets the road. Call us today at 8889783571 or visitus online at Crete Carrier Jobs dot com.

Obesity Cost Calculator for Corporate Wellness by RTI

Here are a few facts and myths abouthealth care and obesity. Obesity is a risk factor for many health conditionssuch as hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, high cholesterol, sleepapnea, and cancers. And it is costing americans over 150 billion dollars peryear in medical costs. Myth number one: obesity costs don't affectcompanies at all. Myth number two: even if obesity was costingcompanies money there's not much that can be done about it. The fact is obesity isa health risk and is costing companies a lot of money. A lot of companies areworking hard to build a happier and

healthier workforce. But the number ofoptions may be overwhelming. Fortunately, RTI International used ascientific approach and developed a tool to assess the impact of obesity oncompanies and evaluate options for employer programs. Meet the obesity costcalculator using information from a company's profile. The obesity costcalculator will estimate the medical and absenteeism costs attributable toobesity. And assess costs and benefits of various weight loss programs andcalculate the break even point. Here's another alarming fact about obesity costs.It's estimated that the cost of obesity

in the workplace is over seventy threebillion dollars per year. Ever wonder how many millions obesity is costing eachcompanyé So, one last myth. Myth number three: companies can afford to keepignoring their health care costs. If you're in the business of helpingcompanies find options to get healthier go to this website to learn more right away. RTI International: improvingthe human condition by turning knowledge into practice.

XeThru Polysomnography PSG Study

Novelda and its skilled engineering teamhas for some time been deep diving into the science of sleeping, with the goalof creating a superior technology that could be used in a high endsleep monitoring solution. To test our respiration and sleepmonitoring sensor we used the industry's gold standard Polysomnography sleepstudy (otherwise known as PSG) as our reference. Our colleague Magnuswas sent to Trondheim's St. Olavs to take part of this study. This extensiveexperiment consisted of placing a series of sensors on his body.

Four types of sensors were used torecord electrical activity of the brain, measure eye movements, recordmuscle tension and the electrical activity of the heart. In addition, respiration ratewas measured with the use of belts and nasal airflowpressure transducers. A sound probe was placed overthe neck to record snoring and a pulse oximeter over themiddle finger to determine blood oxygen levels.

Magnus was now finally readyto go home and enjoy a good night's sleep with all the PSGsensors attached to his body. A XeThru respiration modulewas also placed at his bed side table that would simultaneouslymonitor his respiration at a distance. The data received from the was set as the “gold standard� and we were delighted to see thatthe XeThru sensor provided virtually identical RPM readings comparedto the PSG study. Another key finding was the improvedmovement readings by XeThru.

Unlike the PSG sensors which captureonly chest movements, XeThru was able to observe additional movementsby covering the entire body. The XeThru sensor was also ableto provide high quality sleep stage identification using both respirationand movement. Live and continuous sleep stage output can be extractedfrom the sensor and by analyzing the sleep stages one can accuratelyderive sleep quality. We are proud to strengthen ourposition with the XeThru respiration sensor as a monitoring device comparableto medicalgrade standards.

With the conclusive readings fromthe comparison study, the XeThru respiration sensorcould be the ideal technology to use in a superior monitoring solution.

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