Sleep Apnea Pregnancy Risk

Obstructive Sleep Apnea versus Central Sleep Apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea is when the airwaybecomes narrowed or obstructed and you're making the effort to breathe but we do notsee any flow in air movement coming from your nose or mouth. Where central sleep apnea occurswhere your brain forgets to tell your body to breathe. If we're looking at it from avery simplistic term and so we do not see the drive to breathe. So the first step isto come into the and be seen by one of our physicians in the sleep medicine .We'll go through a questionnaire and try to determine what risk factors we think you havefor sleep apnea such as obesity, snoring, daytime sleepiness and then if we think thatyou have a high risk for meeting those criteria

then we would set you up for a sleep studyeither in your home to do an overnight sleep study or in our laboratory, depending on yoursituation. The CPAP can be used to treat both conditions and, in some patients, that isenough. However, there are some patients that have more complex types of central sleep apneathat require more complicated types of machines to treat that condition. Obstructive sleepapnea actually has been linked to a lot of other problems such as high blood pressureand then, you know, difficulty functioning during the day. If it goes untreated for along period of time there's an increased risk of early heart problems and those types ofthings.

Why Does My Pregnant Wife Snore

Why does my pregnant wife snoreé Is it possible she's always snored, andyou didn't notice it until worrying about the baby kept you up at nighté I wake up earlier than her, and now I wakeup more often than before. It might be due to the pregnancy. I figured that much. About a third of pregnant women snore. Theblood vessels in the nose open wider, sometimes blocking air flow enough to make noise.

Rivaling a vacuum cleaner, I think. When you are heavier, you are more likelyto snore. So she may be snoring due to the baby weight. When should she see a é As a pregnant person, she should be seeinga . If you mean for the snoring, she has to see a if she stops breathingwhen snoring. That's sleep apnea. If it is moderate, she could try sleepingon her side to improve air flow.

I think she already does that via an impossiblypriced pregnancy pillow. She could wear one of those antisnoring nasalstrips. She'd complain about how silly it looks. She'll be wearing it in bed, not in a fashionshow. You two will be the only ones who will see it. And it is a small thing compared to the otherways the baby is warping her body. Tell her that the lack of sleep is causingthe dark lines under her eyes, so wearing this at night is an all natural beauty treatment.

Or an investment in our marital happiness,because it isn't like we're going to get much sleep after the baby's born. She might try to manage her weight so shedoesn't end up worsening it with weight gain. She's convinced she's eating for two. She's only eating for 1.3 at most. Remindher that the less she indulges now, the fewer Mommy and Me workouts she'll need later.

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