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Juice Fasting Results Before After 100 pounds lost

that's my before tutorial so remember it.hopefully it will be gone in 100 days good morning everybodylets see what this final weigh in is going to be sorry I'm wobbly alrighty then that's not bad

okay, remember this oneé the original oneé it was 333 okay, this one weighed in at 333 but we figured out that this was probably 510 pounds .or 57 pounds off. so it was probably more like 340 these winding scales get more inaccurate whenever the heavier you are, so.

lets see what it says now hold still Steve so, its almost 230 so that's a frickin 100 pounds according to this scale you kidding meé! hello everybody its day 108 and i thought i would go over theraw numbers

yes i got all dressed up for you thought we'd go over the raw numbers before we do the before after tutorials so, 108 days ago my goal and my plan was to lose 100 pounds in

100 days depending on how you want to look at it I feel like I've accomplished my goal, but it took 107 days reason being, was when I weighed in with the black scaleit said 333 pounds but we found out that by piling weight on,and what not that it was about 5 pounds, 6 pounds offso its probably more close to 340 the digital scale said

I was 236.8 so. if we're gonna say quot;330 poundsquot; was the actual weigh in that's 96.2 I really feel like it was about 5 pounds off. so.

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