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The UPMC Story ft CEO Jeffrey Romoff

We're gathered here today to talk about The most important moral issue of the 21st century Access to healthcare: whether or not our people will live or die I am here! I have some to shut you down and take you! lt;Voice of Roman Tax Collectorgt; If you want to live, maybe, give me all your money! I don't to hear you're bankrupt! Give me all your money! Braddock, Homestead, South side! All your money!

And maybe, just maybe, we'll let you live! I am Aliquippa , built in 1960s by the contributions of steel and iron workers Employed at the Jone and Laughlin Mill in Aliquippa and the families of that community I was purchased by UPMC in 1996 when UPMC made a promise to my community that it would Keep my open forever to serve my community. Just 4 years later in the year 2000 breaking its promise UPMC began taking me apart, limb by limb, closing my heart, closing my acute care unit, and other Areas desperately needed by my town's poor and aging population And laying off 175 union employees that I loved and supported. By 2001 UPMC

Shut me down and threw dirt on my grave! Now I lie in my grave, but I guarantee you. it is not peacefully! Nooooo! *pop of a balloon* South Side! Who remembers when there were two viable 's on the south side Catering to the many many people who lived there, but they've all fled to the SUBURBS! Not because the sick people are in the suburbs, but because the MONEY is in the suburbs! They don't want poor people to darken their doors! How long does south side have to liveé Not long!

Jeffrey Romoff: Not long at all! lt;Screaminggt; Last year we heard that UPMC would close Braddock When the University Of Pittsburgh Medical Center bought our community 14 years ago we saw UPMC as our savior that they would invest in our town. But we was DECEIVED by Jeffrey Romoff! We was lead to believe that the was secure But we was DECEIVED by Jeffrey Romoff lt;Romoff: I don't wanna hear it!gt;*screams*!

The purpose of is to Save McKeesport I want to hear a word from McKeesport . Mr Romoff: You merged with us twelve years ago. are we just another unwanted childé We have a similar story to Braddock: the community wasn't sure if we wanted to work with you. You promised us excellence, you promised us care, but now you're the only game in town! We worry that once you open the doors to Monroeville, you will close the doors to McKeesport Can you promise me you won'té lt;Screams of nogt; Jeffrey Romoff: Don't you worry about a thing. You are safe; we have no plans to close you. Thank you Mr. Romoff! lt;Jeffrey Romoff Stabs McKeesport in the backgt; *screams*

Roman Senator: Brutus! Brutus! We make money in this corporation! We don't have to deliver Healthcare to people who need it who just have Medicare and Medicaid or are the uninsured! We need a new executive chef because in that kitchen we are gonna serve Death Ala Braddock, our Soup of the year for 2001. They tricked us once, can't you seeé You can't trust UPMC!.

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