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Snoring Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Treatment Animation

Snoring and sleep apnea.In normal breathing, air enters the nostrils and goes through the throat and the tracheato the lungs. In people who snore this airway is partiallyobstructed by excess tissue of the throat, such as large tonsils, large soft palate ortongue. Another common cause of obstruction is the dropping of the tongue into the throatdue to over relaxation of tongue muscles during sleep. Air currents competing throughnarrow spaces in the throat cause the soft palate essentially a piece of soft tissuehanging in the throat to vibrate. This vibration is the source of the noise we hear when someoneis snoring.

Sleep apnea happens when the airway is completelyobstructed, no air can go through and the person stops breathing. This cessation ofbreathing triggers the brain to respond by waking up the person just enough to take abreath. This repeats itself again and again during the course of the night and may resultin sleep deprivation. Snoring and mild sleep apnea may be treatedwith a mandibular advancement device. This device is designed to move the lower jaw andthe tongue slightly forward and thus making the space in the back of the throat larger.


sleep at me is when the most commondiseases out there it affects quality of life causesleepiness insomnia associated with heart disease strokediabetes and increase mortality it affects over25 million Americans anything about it is mostpeople that have it don't know that they have it at ApneaApp is something that a person can use on their phone in their home sleepingenvironment that can give them any indication as towhether or not they may be stopping

breathing in their sleep when we measure sleep nowwe have people coming to the sleep laboratory typically for one night youcome in your spending about 12 to 14 hours here you get hooked up toa lot of different equipment we put electrodes on patients heads we alsomeasure breeding at the nose and mouth we measure their heart rate measure legmovements we measure respiratory effort you arekinda hooked up to a lot of equipment in a bedroom thing you could think of aperson who's going just going to sleep

he can just done on our at presidentcard but then and then leave the phone on his leg side boardlike just regular how he wouldn't leave it for charging and then keep that that the atoning the Forney Glen active sonarthe concept of them like I've hollaback works for me and make an indictablesignal using the phone speaker and the signals would get reflected ofthe body and its to cart it by the microphone itactually monetize your abdominal breathing motion

and then a guy for defects ideasemotions like leg movement overall body movement except rap men there to people yet actually at different distances fromthe phone so I think no actually could work each have thisdistant into a unique frequently back then in the phone in Article best apnea at be actuallywork at the you'd up high above your sleep lab so be actually place the phone running I apneaat on

like one corner of the back and then becompared to decide which we obtained using I apnea at and or Asian qualify McAfeebest be connected this test for around like40 people and got an activity of about 98 percentand the app is still in the developmental stages at the moment but we do believe that atthe app has a lot of potential we feel that a very simple way forpeople to

indicate whether or not they have sleepapnea in their home sleeping environment has tremendous potential to help peoplelive happier healthier lives.

Sleep Cycle iPhone App Review StrategiesTips to Sleeping Deep Each Night

Hello! And welcome to the Sleep Cycle appreview. This is West and thank you for joining me. Today, I'm going to be reviewing SleepCycle, which is an app that allows you to wake up in your lightest sleep phase. Hence,your body wakes up in its most energized and refreshed state as compared to a normal alarmwhich can wake you up at any time, especially if you are in deep sleep. So when you first open the app up, this isthe page that you'll come to: the welcome page. And in this page—we'll just scrollthrough it very quickly—it tells you how to place your icon and tells you a littlebit how the app works by using the phone's

accelerometer. Now you need to place it onthe side of your bed and you need to test it out before you actually do that just tomake sure that it's working and it's picking up the signals. So if we just scroll throughhere, you can have a little bit of a read. Feel free to pause the tutorial if you want tohave a more detailed read. But that's the first page that it comes up with. So once you've got the app, you'll thenneed to test it out. All we need to do is press the START button, lie down on your bed,do a turn and the phone will actually emit a noise which indicates that it's pickingup that you're moving and it uses its algorithms

and analysis to then analyze whether you'rein deep or light or whatever phase of sleep that you're in at that point. So it's a pretty simple app in that it hasa certain purpose and it's very cool in many ways. And I'm going to show you ina second exactly the best ways that I know to leverage the app in order to get more outof life and more out of energy and more out of your productivity levels. Now once you've done that, you basicallycan then set an alarm which kind of gives you a window of time when you'd like towake up in the morning. You can see right

here that it's actually got a half an hourwindow which you can change in SETTINGS. And during that time, the app will serve to wakeyou up anywhere in that time that it feels or allow you to wake up in the most refreshedand energized state. So it's pretty cool. So once you do that, you just hit START, itgives you a few little tips there and basically you just pop the iPhone on your bed and goto sleep and it will track it for you. So that is one pretty cool way to use it. So now I've just tapped on the STATISTICStab down here. And it's given me some statistics on the last night of sleep that I happen torecord with this app. Now it's telling me

that I slept for six hours and fifty eightminutes (06 hrs, 58 mins). And it's telling me I went to bed at 11:06, wake up at 06:04(which is a pretty typical sleeping pattern for myself). And the total average time thatI've spent sleeping per night over sixty two nights that I've recorded is seven hoursand twenty seven minutes (07 hrs, 27 mins). This graph tells me exactly what the app pickedup during the night. And you can see that from the time from the axis down here andthe phase of sleep that you're in: deep sleep here, sleep there, and a wake up there.And as I scroll my finger across like so, it actually takes me to the previous nightand it gives me a reading on the previous

night or the night that I actually recorded. Sometimes you'll get this ‘I' sign whereit doesn't quite pick up signals. But for the most part—I would say ninety eight percentof the time—it actually does a fantastic job in picking up sleep patterns. So you'lltend to find some nights you sleep well, some nights you don't sleep well—you're alwaystossing and turning—and this app will be able to help you pinpoint, exactly where thingsare going awry if they are. Uses So let me tell you really quickly now howI use this app to leverage and get the most

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