Link Between Sleep Apnea And Seizures

Sleep Apnea Dim Light May Lead to Depression

CLARK POWELL: After years of struggling with the symptomsof sleep apnea, Jack Chapman says using a CPAP machine has changed his life overnight. JACK CHAPMAN: A complete difference in how you feel all day you wake up refreshed. POWELL: While this machinemay have helped Jack with his physical symptoms, a new study is shedding light on the psychologicalsymptoms of sleep apnea. DR. MAGALANG: In patients with obstructive sleep apnea, there is a very highincidence of having depression.

POWELL: Ulysses Magalang is a sleep expert at the Ohio StateUniversity Wexner Medical Center. He says half of all patients with obstructive sleepapnea also have depression. And now, as subtle as it may seem, they may have found one ofthe reasons. DR. MAGALANG: Light at night, even low levels of light, may actively suppress the secretionof melatonin. POWELL: And in lab experiments with mice, that led to depression and anxiety.Rooms like this may seem fit for sleep, but

there are several problems. TV's can causesignificant sleep disruption, and even when they're off, lights from control boxes cancause problems. So can alarm clocks. Even though the experiments were done in mice,researchers say the evidence is compelling enough to prompt changes in humans. DR. MAGALANG: If youhave obstructive sleep apnea, it would be better if you can sleep in a darkened environmentand avoid even low levels of light. POWELL: Jack says his sleep apnea hasn't caused depression,but he appreciates the fact that researchers

are shedding new light on how important itmight be to sleep in the dark. At Ohio State's Wexner Medical Center, this is Clark Powellreporting.

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