Hyperbaric Treatment For Sleep Apnea

Darby Miskelly and Tennessee Hyperbaric Centers Schmidt Discuss Concussion and HBOT

all right, thank you very much Candice.a Chester County High School student helping spread the word about arevolutionary treatment that helps patients recover from all kinds of brain injuries. This is very,very interesting a secret weapon, something we encounter every single day. the fact it'ssomething that we actually need to live with I mean we have to use it. It's Oxygen! Student Darby Miskelly is here with Roy Schmidt from the

Tennessee Hyperbaric Center inJackson, Tennessee thank you so much Darby, let's start with you. You are a basketball player you're a soccerplayer, an all around good athlete but you've had two concussions so far and you're what, A sophomoreé I'm a junior so that's obviously concerning because from an athletic standpoint onemore concussion and the NCAA says you can't play, righté

Correct. but more importantly how did itaffect your life, that second concussioné in my schoolwork it effected my schoolwork greatly I had to have lots of help from my friends and my teachers and it took a while for the teachers to understand because on the outside there's not a sign that I'm having problems its all on the inside. What are some of the symptomsé When you suffer a concussion,

what normally takes place when you're anelite athlete and in great shape a you eat well, what are some of the symptoms that you're going to notice right off the baté some of first things you notice, somepeople get headaches it is a very common thing. Not able toconcentrate noises become a problem so you're affected by people around you with noises, TV and all these things. Sofocus issues focused for Darby was a major issue. So what is

Hyperbaric Treatment and how does it playinto, because you now are, don't know, fullyrecovered. But you have seen your grades go back up, you have seen your focus come back. tell us what the treatment is. . The treatment is a very specific pressure that weincreased the pressure of the atmosphere, and by increasing the pressure with ahundred percent oxygen you can push the oxygen to areas in thebrain, in this particular circumstance that are not getting enough oxygen.

So it's like hyperoxygené yes, well yes. so you increase your oxygen in your cell by about 300 times there's a different types of oxygen thatyou can use, are there even options that give you a better effecté and Imight sound crazy, but it like a different like a particular one hundred percentmedicalgrade oxygen that you're pumping into the brainé you wanna use a hundred percentmedicalgrade because number one it's clean it's pure.and if you're gonna gothrough the trouble of doing in might

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