Types Of Sleep Apnea Devices

Is surgery the only option for treating sleep apnea or snoring

I do predominantly the line share of sleep apnea surgery in our department. I collaborate closely with the pulmonologists, who are the sleep medicine s. Those are the s that help diagnose and treat sleep apnea, as well. If those patients fail their, their medical or their conservative therapy, that's typically when they get sent to see me for surgical considerations to, to look at potential cures for their apnea. It's not uncommon for me to see a lot of patients for, who come in for snoring complaints and, you know, are wondering whether or not they have sleep apnea. So sleep apnea is condition where you actually stop breathing at night.

Snoring is somewhere on that spectrum, towards the more mild, you know, milder end of that spectrum. But, you know, really the only way to determine if you have sleep apnea, the gold standard of testing, is really getting a sleep study. And that's an overnight, monitored study where patients, you know, sleep in a room that's similar to a hotel room but they're being monitored and they're hooked up, you know, for sound so to speak with different monitors and cables on them. And that's really our best test to diagnose sleep apnea. The treatment for sleep apnea is typically a nonsurgical therapy; something called CPAP,

which stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure. And it's the patients that don't tolerate their CPAP who end up seeing me for surgical considerations. And there's a number of reasons why patients may not tolerate their CPAP. But there are some surgeries that can be helpful in patients who are not tolerant of their medical therapy. And I offer a variety of surgeries including nasal surgery, a variety of palatal surgeries for the kind of tonsil and soft pallet region and then also a variety of tonguebased procedures, as well. But we typically see a patient back after their procedure in about three weeks to recheck everything, make sure that they're healing okay.

After that, I normally recheck a sleep study in about three months after their surgery, just to give everything a chance to heal and to scar. And we, you know, make further recommendations based on the result of their followup sleep study after their surgery. We're exploring the, a new technology now which is actually a nerve stimulator for sleep apnea. It's an implantable device, very similar to a pacemaker that goes into the patient's chest. And there's an electrode that will actually stimulate the nerve that goes to the tongue to provide the tongue with a little bit of more tone when they're sleeping at night, and thereby eliminating their sleep apnea.

Trouble in Bed When Sleep Turns Against Us

Say you've been napping, like between classes, or after a long night out, or, I don't know, after broadcasting on YouTube for 48 straight hours to raise money for charity. Now, imagine you waking up, and suddenly you discover that you can't move. You want to speak, but you can't; you're mind is acutely aware of what's happening, but you are powerless to get your body to do anything. It may last a few seconds, it may last a few minutes, in rare cases it can last more than an hour it's called Sleep Paralysis and you might not have to imagine it

because up to 40% of us have experienced this sleep disorder at some point in our lives. I am one of them. We don't like to think about the bad things that can go on while we're in dreamland just as we hate the disorders that keep us from even falling asleep Hello, Insomnia. But even though we've talked a lot on this show about the science of sleep Why we need it Why we dream

and where dreams come from. There is a whole other polymorphously messed up realm of human biology that explains what happens when sleeps turns against us. We can't turn our brains off. We forget to breathe. We have waking hallucinations. Some of us even walk, eat, run, and have entire conversations when we're asleep. The halfasleep brain is a crazy place

and once you understand it, you may never see the back of your eyelids the same way again. (intro music) When most people think of the things that cramp our sleep style they think, Insomnia. But defining, diagnosing, and treating this most common sleep disorder can be tricky. In fact, for a long time, most scientists considered insomnia to be a symptom of another problem like depression, anxiety, asthma, stress, substance abuse, a traumatic injury even jetlag Though, today, insomnia is considered by many to be a chronic disease of its own

that interacts with other medical conditions So, if you've ever had prolonged trouble falling asleep, or staying asleep but you don't have any other health issues then s would probably say that you have Primary Insomnia. If you do have something else going on, like a physical or psychological condition then you've got Secondary Insomnia. And most cases of Secondary Insomnia are chronic meaning it lasts for more than a month.

There are also cases of Acute or shortterm Insomnia which is usually triggered by stress or some specific life event Whatever the cause scientists believe these Insomnias are the result of the simple but eternal struggle between arousal and sleepiness. More and more research is suggesting that a condition known as HyperArousal where the nervous system remains in a constant state of alert may be the main reason for chronic insomnia.

Stop Snoring Tonight with this Snoring Device

at 2 a.m. the loudest noise you are going to hear is the ticking of the bedside clock when your partner has a Good Morning Snore Solution Device But if you partner is not snoring, chances are you wont even hear the bedside clock because you'll also be fast asleep It's no secret snoring affects more than just the person who is happily punching out loud zzzzz's It is incredibly frustrating for the snorer's partner who is kept awake and ends up sleep deprived I am sure you all know a lack of quality sleep usually makes people grumpy Snoring also has some serious health ramifications for the person who snores Snoring usually results in you getting poor quality sleep which leads to drowsiness during the day, which has its own set of risks Ultimately both partners end up tired and grumpy

The Solution You've heard the saying the simple things in life are often the best That phrase accurately describes this simple proven solution for snoring The Good Morning Snore Solution device is a simple device which h as been proven to be incredibly powerful in eliminating snoring. But first, to understand how the solution works, you need to know the main cause of snoringé The majoring of snoring is caused by the tongue and throat muscles relaxing during sleep.which allows the tongue to slide towards the back of your throat partially blocking your airway So the tongue slides towards the back of your throat, then you get the movement of air between the tongue and the back of the throat when you breath which equals loud noise there is a very simple exercise you canperform which will determine if a

relaxed tongue is the main culprit for your snoring exercise and the end of this tutorial thanyou good morning store divorce has beenally proven to provide instant benefits to stop storing and can alsohelp with sleep apnea the good morning store solution is not just some hastilymodified I'd rather it is the result of a passionate and dedicated to you whichhad an exciting breakthrough that led to a simple council members that proved tobe the ultimate solution for storing

just a simple divorce it is incrediblypowerful when it comes to stopping your story the divorce is a small piece whichis in place between your guns and your lips when you go to be and we're talkingand extremely flexible it has a small penis your tiny too and then you squeezethe bubble and let go of sanctioning your tongue to the bubble and keep yourtime towards the front of the result Cylons once thought to the back of your throatkeeping you away divorces surprisingly themes so it isnot uncomfortable or some other larger

snoring mouth basis and it doesn't havethe large price check mark some larger map basis do generally take twoastronauts to get accustomed to the mouthpiece but from then on he will hotin ODIs and the result is a healthy thoughts so you'll have been silencedand we mean that in the nicest possible way for those of you who also growingyour take an added benefit is this divorce eliminates the problemsassociated with grinding teeth click on the watch this button below to see thetutorial that shows you the exercise of the dog houses with your time is the culpritof your storing we are confident this is

the ultimate solution to your snoringproblem with your new device you will enjoy the Pathol associated benefitswhat we are not sure if you can put a price tag on not snoring is one of thoseconditions that you the has more than one casualty goes with this site thatthe math priest does not contain any harmful substances like I or we havetaken all the risk in this project we are where the two often of productpromises so much and delivers so little morning store solution comes with a 30day money back guarantee but no funny business in print

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