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Snoring And Sleep Apnea Treatment The Houston Dentist

Intro music Hi, I'm Tom Hedge with the houstondentists dot com I want to talk to you about snoring and how thatrelates to sleep apnea you see story can be one most annoyingthings and and sometimes for yourself but most often for your rib cageas your spouse elbows you in tells you to roll on your back or roll on your side andi just could be disturbing not only your your spouse's night sleeping yoursas well

so when we snore what happens is our softtissue sort of just collapses with our tongue inthe back of our throats and it rattles around and it blocks yourairway so you can't breathe and then sometimes you'll snort and wake yourself up that can be an awful thing and that's what sleep apnea is all aboutall those instances of being woken up through the night sometimes people cando that hundreds of times in an hour imagine what that does your body it'snot good

we in dentistry you can help you we can make anappliance that brings your lower jaw forward opens up your airway and turns thatcocktail straw into a nice big straw to breathe through so you can get a good night'ssleep and wake up nice and refreshed in the morning.

Don Eliminating Sinus Infections and Sleep Apnea Smith Center Septoplasty Patient Testimonial

My name is Don Graff and I had a Septoplasty done where they went in and straightened my deviated septum. I was not sleeping very well so I was tired during the day um with the chronic sinus infection that I had was not being able to breathe very well. Uh when I went in to see Smith found out that the right side of my nose was almost completely closed off. I probably had that maybe all my life we didn't know for sure. Uh Smith took a look at that and said “Oh yeah we can straighten that out for you it will improve your breathing.

Um maybe clean out some sinus problems� Another complication I was having was chronic sinus infections. He thought this would probably help that and uh decided to go on ahead and go ahead with the procedure, gonna have that cleaned out. I also had a Uvuloplasty done where he cut off a little bit of the uvula because I had sleep apnea and Smith thought that might help with my sleep apnea also. Smith said you know so you're going to be able to breathe like you haven't before and I thought oh yeah sure we'll see and uh he was right and now that I am breathing better

and that I can sleep better uh I'm uh getting more oxygen into my system. It's really just made an all around improvement just about everything I think. I want to say thanks Smith I really appreciate everything that you have done for me you made a big difference in my life as far as my health goes as far as my breathing goes as far as my sleeping goes. I am really glad that my physician referred me to you and the Smith Center because I really could not be happier with uh the way things have turned out. Call the Smith Center today.It's time to start looking your best and feeling your best.

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