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Snoring and sleep apnea.In normal breathing, air enters the nostrils and goes through the throat and the tracheato the lungs. In people who snore this airway is partiallyobstructed by excess tissue of the throat, such as large tonsils, large soft palate ortongue. Another common cause of obstruction is the dropping of the tongue into the throatdue to over relaxation of tongue muscles during sleep. Air currents competing throughnarrow spaces in the throat cause the soft palate essentially a piece of soft tissuehanging in the throat to vibrate. This vibration is the source of the noise we hear when someoneis snoring.

Sleep apnea happens when the airway is completelyobstructed, no air can go through and the person stops breathing. This cessation ofbreathing triggers the brain to respond by waking up the person just enough to take abreath. This repeats itself again and again during the course of the night and may resultin sleep deprivation. Snoring and mild sleep apnea may be treatedwith a mandibular advancement device. This device is designed to move the lower jaw andthe tongue slightly forward and thus making the space in the back of the throat larger.

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I have a passion for helping people who havebad sleep. Snoring and obstructive sleep apnea are tingsthat disturb our sleep and it's estimated that 35% of snorers have obstructive sleepapnea. With obstructive sleep apnea, we stop breathingfor over 10 seconds and up to 30 seconds. Sometimes ten to onehundred times an hour.So when that happens it's almost impossible to get deep sleep and you be fatigued in theday and have other health problems too. One of the things that is very groundbreakingabout what I'm doing is I literally able to take something that fits into the palm ofyour hand and by using something that is this

small, and goes on the upper teeth and lowerteeth, and holds the jaw and tongue in position to not have the airway become occluded orclosed. Then this is where are technologies are and it's called oral appliance therapy. What we're trying to do is just make it sothat the airway stays open and by using what could be called a sleep retainer. And by havingthe airway staying open, literally, you're able to get a better night's sleep and workit into a routine that is comfortable and quiet for the spouse to sleep well too. Well, we have in our practice a websitestopsnoringdenver . And it's specifically

for the branch of our practice that helpspeople with snoring and sleep apnea issues cause people are dying for a good night'ssleep. And there can be such a change in a person'slife with a good night's sleep. My phone number is 303 '3 6006 and our websiteis stopsnoringdenver .

Don Eliminating Sinus Infections and Sleep Apnea Smith Center Septoplasty Patient Testimonial

My name is Don Graff and I had a Septoplasty done where they went in and straightened my deviated septum. I was not sleeping very well so I was tired during the day um with the chronic sinus infection that I had was not being able to breathe very well. Uh when I went in to see Smith found out that the right side of my nose was almost completely closed off. I probably had that maybe all my life we didn't know for sure. Uh Smith took a look at that and said “Oh yeah we can straighten that out for you it will improve your breathing.

Um maybe clean out some sinus problems� Another complication I was having was chronic sinus infections. He thought this would probably help that and uh decided to go on ahead and go ahead with the procedure, gonna have that cleaned out. I also had a Uvuloplasty done where he cut off a little bit of the uvula because I had sleep apnea and Smith thought that might help with my sleep apnea also. Smith said you know so you're going to be able to breathe like you haven't before and I thought oh yeah sure we'll see and uh he was right and now that I am breathing better

and that I can sleep better uh I'm uh getting more oxygen into my system. It's really just made an all around improvement just about everything I think. I want to say thanks Smith I really appreciate everything that you have done for me you made a big difference in my life as far as my health goes as far as my breathing goes as far as my sleeping goes. I am really glad that my physician referred me to you and the Smith Center because I really could not be happier with uh the way things have turned out. Call the Smith Center today.It's time to start looking your best and feeling your best.

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