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Experienced . . . medically innovative and caring,Dallas ENT Head and Neck Surgery(214) 9460687 dallasent Newscaster: Now many people just don't getthe sleep they need, The reason, so say the experts,snoring. Snoring makes a lot of noise, but it may also indicate a more serious health problem. NBC5's Carol Wang reports tonight on howto study your sleep patterns at home. loud snoring sounds Carol Wang off camera:It's the sound that can leave you longing for silence. Sheralyn:I have been told numerous times, fromseveral different people

that I snore, quite loudly. Rajiv Pandit:And then, now make that snoring sound one more time. loud snoring sound Pandit: Ahhh. Carol off camera:To find out what's causing all the ruckus, s normally send patients like Sheralyn Maxfield to a sleep center. Sheralyn:I had the worst sleep. I didn't get any sleep. Carol off camera:So now she's taking the test at home.

Sheralyn, unzipping case:You're in your own bed in your own environment, and there's only one thing you have to attach to your finger. And I think that's more my speed. Yeah, I think I can sleep under those conditions. So, that's what's going to happen tonight. Pandit off camera:We have seen more people come in willing to be evaluated for this problem when they feel that the problem can be dealt with in

the privacy, or can be diagnosed, in the privacy of their own home. Carol off camera:Fast forward to sleep mode where this snap test measures how much oxygen she's getting,how often she stops breathing, and the intensity of snoring. Sheralyn snoring Carol off camera:As you can see, it's loud enough to wake her up. Sheralyn groaning Pandit: We had better results with the home study

even though it measures less parameters simply because she was able to be more comfortable when falling asleep. During the night, you stopped breathing a total of eleven times. Carol off camera: The results show Sheralyn has a mild case of sleep apnea and a serious snore, Pandit: Yeah, 256 times an hour. Carol off camera:that's costing her and her husband valuable shuteye. Sheralyn: I'm depriving him an hour of sleepbecause of my snoring, Carol off camera:and with knowledge and treatment options,

Sheralyn:and now I know exactly what I need to do to fix it. Carol off camera:she's moving toward the promise of more peaceful dreams. Carol off camera: Carol Wang, NBC 5, Dallas. Newcaster: Now, s say athome tests are still so new not all insurance companies will pay for them. People who show signs of more serious problems are often sent to sleep s for a more thorough evaluation. Experienced . . . medically innovative and caring,Dallas ENT Head and Neck Surgery(214) 9460687 dallasent

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Hi, I'm Stephen Schendel. I'm board certifiedin Plastic and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, and have been in practice for over 30 years.What are some of the treatments for sleep apneaƩ The first and what we call the goldstandard is CPAP. This is where you wear a mask at night which will give you oxygen orair under pressure, and alleviate the symptoms and cause of obstructive sleep apnea. Sometimesif your sleep apnea is not that severe you can wear a dental splint which will positionyour jaw forward. In many cases surgery is also indicated, andthere are several surgical procedures that we do to help snoring or decrease snoring,but also open up your airway permanently.

This is really important for people that can'twear CPAP. About 48 to 49% of the individuals on CPAP don't wear it on a regular basis,so it's not doing them any good, and they really can't tolerate it. Those individuals need to have some othertreatment. Surgery is the main treatment to relieve the obstructive problem and sleepapnea. This is not a condition that you can ignore and not treat.

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