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are you the victim of a snoreré you're notalone fifty four percent of married couples say their partners snores butas Michelle Spearman reports a madeinCalgaray device could have both of yousleeping like babies it's not that bad! that's what he thinks people who snore often don't realizejust how loud the really are if i'm not in a deep sleep and wake upthen I can't really get back to sleep The first thing they'll tell the or the dentist is Idon't think i'm suffering from snoring but

my spouse tells me I do. Hi Vick, how are you todayé Vick Close is a typical snorer: an older adult male who is slightly overweightthough females snore too he's agreed to try a new antisnore device called MPowerX it's a little awkward to begin with but you do get used to it snoring is both a breathing and a sleepdisorder caused when the airway becomes partially blocked it's the tongue falling back and blocking the airway for many casesit's it's a simple tongue position that's in

the wrong place. Oral appliances thatreposition the jaw are already available but they can be expensive and painful this inverted soother actuallysuctions the tongue out of the way. I was surprised and excited at how simple it was because it didn't pull the jaw instead it pulled the tongue forward so wedon't get the joint and the muscle issues but we open up the airway. It was developed by a dental researcherat the U of C and it appears

to be more effective than things like nosestrips, throats sprays and pillows On average thirtytwopatients uh. they saw a reduction in thesnoring by by about fifty percent Snoring is often a sign of a moreserious medical problem known as sleep apnea MPowerX is not licensed to treat thatcondition. It's been two weeks for Vick and so far.It's been fabulous I had a really good sleep and I think that Vick did too

in fact it works so well they might need two of them So does she snoreé Yeah. Reallyé So Kathy, would you ever try ité Yes I would. Michelle's Spearman, Global Nuse the MPowerX device forces you tobreathe through your nose so you can't wear it if you have nasal issues orif you have a cold if you're interested in trying it outyou can log onto our website just click

on health needs and then follow the link.

Winning Strategies for Back Pain Disability Cases

Hi there, this is Jonathan Ginsberg and today I'd like to talk to you about how I approach a case where the primaryimpairment is back pain As you might expect SocialSecurity judges see a lot of back pain cases its probably the mostcommon physical ailment that Social Security judges are going to see and as such you really need to keep in mind that you've got to stand out a little bit because

a lot of people come in withosteoarthritis and pain in their lower back and again because judges see it sooften how they tend to sometimes discount the severity of it and whether in fact it is truly disabling. Further you have to realize and this issomething you probably wouldn't think about, but it's actually the case

some of the judges that I've beenin front of have actually had back surgery because again back problems are prettycommon in the population and of course a lot of these judges have very goodinsurance they have physical therapy afterwards, they have good s and soforth and so their recovery might be more uneventful than yours. Again, a judge is not doing physical labor

and again he has got typically real goodhealth care. If you've done physical labor or if your health care is not as good youdon't have access to physical therapy or or medication or as much follow up then you may not have gotten the same resultsas the judge but again the judge who's deciding your case is looking at yousaying quot;I went through the same surgery and I'm fine. You know I can't play basketball anymore but but I can play golf and I can do a lot of different thingsquot; and

he or she you may feel likewell you know I've recovered how why can't youé And, again, that's just human nature but just beaware of it. I'm not saying that makes the judge not sympathetic to you butjust be aware that you need to do something to stand out a little bit andshow the judge that your situation is one that did not resolve as easily as his or hers may have. I think that when you deal withback pain cases like in any Social Security case

number one you want to emphasize ifyou've got a long work history. I think this is a factor that you may not think about but this is i think a factor that many judges find it very verycompelling. If you have a long consistent workhistory where you've been in a job, you've performed admirably at the job you've madegood money at the job. people don't give up good jobs and opportunity for retirement, a pleasant retirement, to collect $1,500 or

Urge To Urinate In The Middle of the Night Expert Urologist Explains

gt;gt;gt; DR. JERRY BLAIVAS: Getting up in the middleof the night to urinate is called nocturia. Nocturia is very very common, in fact mostpeople get up once or twice at night to urinate starting in the teenage years even. If you think about it, there is only two possiblereasons why someone would get up in the middle of the night to urinate. One is that theirbladder does not comfortably hold enough to allow them to sleep through the night, and,two, you make more urine, that it is to say your kidney is making more urine then yourbladder cannot comfortably hold overnight. The second condition, we called nocturnalpolyuria. The nocturnal means nighttime and

poly means too much and uria means urine.So nocturnal polyuria means that you make too much urine overnight and that is probablythe commonest cause of nocturia. The most common cause of that even is justdrinking too much before you go to sleep. So if you have a couple of beers or you havewine before dinner and then you take a glass of water with some pills, all of that fluidthat you ingest will then overnight be converted by the kidneys to urine and then if you makemore urine overnight than your bladder can hold, then of course you have to get up tourinate. So nocturnal polyuria is the commonest causeand the other cause, the bladder not holding

enough urine, has many many many causes. Probablythe most common one is, temporary problem is, urinary tract infection. It can be causedby blockages by the prostate. It can be caused by bladder cancer, by all kinds of other irritablekind of conditions so thinking back then we have these two different causes, making toomuch urine at night or the bladder not holding enough at night. So, then what to do aboutit. Well the first thing you need to do aboutit is to diagnose it. How do we diagnose ité Very very simply! We have you keep a bladderdiary, that is to say you record the time and amount of urine, time and amount of eachurination that you make in a 24hour period,

then we simply see how much you urinate atnight, how much you urinate for the 24hours and through some mathematical formula, wecan figure out if you are making too much urine at night. Generally, people make less than a third oftheir urine during sleep hours. If you make more than that then you have this nocturnalpolyuria and we look for the causes of that. I briefly alluded to what they were in thebeginning but now to get more complete, the most common cause is simply drinking too much. Probably the second most common cause is peoplethat take medications at night that can have

a diuretic like effect. Another cause is anythingthat causes your legs to swell up, so people with varicose veins or from prior surgery,if your leg swell up during the day that the swelling is actually fluid and when you liedown at night, your body resorbs that fluid, that fluid gets into your system and the kidneysmake more urine. Another common cause is something called sleepapnea, people who snore, best diagnosed by going to a sleep lab and if you have sleepapnea, then that is what causes the problem and the treatment of the sleep apnea is theproblem. The bladders that do not hold enough urine,again we first determine that by the bladder

diary and then we look for the common causes,common causes of urinary tract infection, prostatic obstruction, dropped bladder inwomen, overactive bladder, sometimes bladder cancer, bladder stones, no matter what theycause though, once the diagnosis is clearly understood then treatment of the underlyingcondition that is causing the nocturia is very often effective, it is usually effective. However, just having nocturia, just gettingup at night to urinate by itself does not demand any treatment. So if you get up once or twice at night orthree times and you are not bothered by it,

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