Sleep Apnea Is It Deadly

What Is Sleep Apnea

Hey there sleepy heads, Julia here for Dnews. According to the National Sleep Foundationsnoring affects 90 million Americans. So you're probably not the only one sleeping on thecouch tonight. When you sleep most of your muscles relax.Including those in your mouth, throat and airways. If these become too relaxed, theycan get in the way of your breathing. As you try to suck more air through the narrowedairways, these muscles can vibrate, making sounds like an airplane or lawnmower. Although it might be annoying to your sleepingbuddy, snoring seems mostly harmless. Yet

several studies linked the night time maladyto some pretty nasty healthy effects. One study published in the journal Laryngoscope,found that snoring might lead to a thickening of the arteries in the heart. Snoring canalso lead to headaches and even decline in memory. Not to mention if you wake up yourpartner, snoring could get you into some relationship trouble. But is your snoring so bad you wake yourselfupé You might suffer from sleep apnea. Half of those 90 million I mentioned earlier mightbe suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Apnea means literally “without breathâ€�.Like the name suggests, this type of sleep

disorder can cause the airways to completelyclose. Sufferers actually stop breathing when they sleep! This lack of oxygen wakes peopleup with a snort or gasp. While waking up a bunch of times in the middleof the night leaves you tired the day, Sleep Apnea can also lead to a host of other problems. One large study was published in the journalAmerican Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. The study found that patientswith severe apnea have a 30% higher risk of developing diabetes than those with almostno apnea. And patients with mild or moderate apnea had a 23% increased risk of developingdiabetes.

Another study published in the journal Journalof al Sleep Medicine surveyed a group of patients for 20 years! The researchersfound that, even after controlling for smoking and other lifestyle factors, people with moderateto severe obstructive sleep apnea were four times more likely to die, nearly four timesmore likely to have a stroke, three times more likely to die from cancer, and 2.5 timesmore likely to develop cancer. Lack of oxygen to the brain is never a goodthing. One study published in the journal Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism, foundthat the immediate effects of sleep apnea on the brain were similar to the effects ofa stroke!

Okay okay, have I scared you enoughé Sorryabout that. So currently one of the best treatments for sleep apnea remains the cumbersome CPAPmachine. CPAP stands for quot;continuous positive airway pressurequot;. Basically, if you can'tguess from that name, the machine creates pressure on your airways so those soft tissuesdon't get in the way of your breathing. The exact pressure depends on the patientand decided by a physician. But you breathe easier and pretty much stop snoring. While the whole getup includes a face mask,that goes into your nose and over your head, it definitely helps. Some studies publishedin the journal Sleep found that using a CPAP

machine improves blood pressure and even restoresbrain tissue after a year of use! So while it might be awkward, it could actually addyears to your life. So wanna found out if your snoring is dangerousor just dang annoyingé Well there's an app for that, designed by researchers at the Universityof Washington. ApneaApp uses sound waves to monitor breathing. The app acts kind of likea bat, emitting sonar to track breathing patterns. According to its makers, the app can detectsleep apnea as well as tests 98% of the time. The app is only designed foruse on android phones. Sorry hipsters, you'll just have to wait.

If you have Sleep Apnea it could be fatal

Find out what's new in TMJ and sleep apnea. Or the disfunction of the jaw joint now know to cause headaches, migraine, neck pain,back pain.

Emad Kowatli talks about Sleep Apnea and its Symptoms

hi Shahriar how are youé nice to have you with us todaygood, thank you Emad tell me what brought you here to see meéa second opinion I've just been introduced to a word called sleep apnea it's a condition iknow and it got me all panicked up simply for the fact that my wife is nowsaying hey you are snoring is getting louder andlouder okay and look into it. so I did someresearch I went in for a first opinion

now I'm here to get your expert advicewhen did your wife notice that you are snoringé I think it's been about a year now.a year. that's related to something different in your bodyé have you noticed that you're gaining weight nowé well, I've moved to the MiddleEast where we are and obviously the great food in the delicious tastycuisine that we have has put on a few pounds.okay what is your neck size nowé

I think it's 16 16 and a half yeah so again some weight gainokay now how you feel during the daytimeé do you feel sleepyé when I'm sitting behind the computer Ihave to admit there are times where I lackconcentration and I do feel my eyes are heavy has your wife said to you that youquit breathing during the nighté I think she has um but in a subtle mannerdoes she get afraid sometimes, is she skaking you

at night to make sure that you are breathingé I have got the odd nudgehow many hours do you sleep at nighté Around sevenDo you wake up refreshed or tiredé Often it's fresh but there are dayswhere I feel like I need that extra two hoursthree hours more of sleep is your sleep getting restless nowadaysé yeah, a little bit. its fidgety it's not as continuous as it used to be so there are breaks

in my sleep.well your symptoms are so consistent with what we call sleep apnea. you snore you pause breathing at night. that's happenedafter you gained weight you are tired and sleepy during daytime,you can doze off easily so to confirm this, we have to dowhat we call a sleep test we'll invite you to come and stay overnightin our sleep lab and we'll see if it is positive or notif it is positive then we have to treat you and the treatment

will be a CPAP machinewhat's happening is that you may pause breathing at night and that will cause your brain to wakeyou up at night and cause oxygen also to drop down andthat will make you feel tired as if somebody who is sittingthere and sleeping but somebody keeps wakinghim up You may not remember that you arewaking up at night because you are so sleepy when you arein bed

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