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Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea Sleep Apnea Treatment

Severe Obstructive Sleep ApneaSleep Apnea TreatmentMayo .

Reading Sleep Study Results Identifying Sleep Apnea

This is a sleep study that shows someonewith sleep apnea. This channel right here shows a personbreathing and then they stopped breathing for what seems like a long time it's about 40 seconds and then they breathe again, they wake up,and they stopped breathing again and then they breathe again, and younotice every time they start breathing there's a big snort this is the source, then they stopbreathing, the big snort and they resume breathing. Another thingthat occurs

is oxygen fallsthat's the white channel, that goes down and then it comes up when they resumebreathing and it comes down so the oxygen is going up and down youcan see it best here. You can see it sliding up and down. Anotherthing to note his when they're not breathing their chest and abdomen will move. This one here is chest in this down here is abdomen, so they're still trying tobreathe

but they're not getting, they're notgetting any air. During the apnea, when they're notbreathing, the diaphragm is working and sucking thechest in, and you see the chest and abdomen go in differentdirections here and then, when they open their mouth and resume breathing, they start movingsynchronously again, they move together again and then when there's an apnea, they'removing in different directions again

That's one way you know that the apnea is an obstructive apnea.

The Risks of a Sleep Disorder

You know, we don't want the patient to ignore that daily feeling ofbeing too tired to make it through the day orhaving trouble getting out of bed because they feel like they've had a poor night one is supposed to bounce outta bed after agood night's sleep the untreated sleep disorders areassociated with shortening our lives certainly in the case of theuntreatedsleep apneas a difficulties with premature stroke

heart attack one disease and high bloodpressure is was aggravation whether systemic conditions such as diabetesoccur Sleep disorders can have many and variedsymptoms a certainly want most common will befatigued during the day a feeling oven refreshing sleep or therecan be more complex sleep disorders which are expressed by certain behaviors that night includingsnoring about gasping sonorous respirations

choking or behaviors which are even more unusual getting up in themiddle night walking talking and other such somewherebehaviors those particular symptoms can be examined in the sleep laboratory after a good sleep history. perhapsby a sleep medicine physician if you're physician so deems it necessary the Summa systems have a sleep

a group of laboratories later unique in that the staff are boardcertified and trained the the allied medical staff personnelhave an ongoing training program which includes certification the surroundings are appointed to be suited for you should be uncomfortablesafe during the course of the night and all of our equipment really themost uptodate technique technologically that'savailable if you think you may have a

sleep disorder in which to see a Summa sleep medicine specialist please call or visit us on the web.

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