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Diane Patient Testimonial for David Smith at Really Smile Dentistry in Indianapolis IN

Well, when I first came to Really Smile, I specifically came for my sleep apnea. And then, with his thorough with Smith's thorough evaluation, discovered the problems I had with my jaw. And so then after that, we had to start working on both my nighttime sleep apnea and my problems with my TMJ. My TMJ was causing me debilitating headaches and lots of jaw fatigue. And just, you know, just general discomfort. I was taking lots of Advil for my headache.

It caused me to have to lay down in the middle of the day and interfered with me doing normal activities because I was having headaches. I would come in and be put on the Tens unit for an hour. And they would darken the lights and put me in the chair in there, put a blanket over me and just let me rest for an hour. And then they started going through the procedure. Smith and his staff started going through the procedure of fitting me with my orthotic or my appliance for my lower jaw.

The goal of the device is to move your lower jaw forward to open your airway so that you do not have the sleep apnea. I was told to call in you know everycouple of weeks just to check in with them to see how I was doing. And so eventually, working with Smith and the staff and the phone calls and the office visits, we got me to a point where my sleep apnea and my snoring is diminished significantly. And as far as the TMJ treatment, I'm at a point now where I no longer have the jaw fatigue,

I no longer have the headaches. The way that they do here at Really Smile do the fitting of the, you know, orthotic it's very precise, very intense, very precisionoriented. It's gotten my jaw to a point where I am symptomfree. You know, the dentist that's sometimes a scary place to be because of the procedures that have to be done and just, you know, just all of the equipment surrounding you.

So I think just the general environment of Really Smile, the welcoming, you know, front staff they're really awesome. I will be coming to Smith for the duration of my span of needing span of needing oral care because I've been very impressed. And it's an ongoing process, taking care of my TMJ. I have the orthotic that I wear, but then we have to move forward doing permanent types of changing my bite and changing how my mouth is. So probably doing Invisalign or doing some sort of permanent treatment.

So I see myself staying here.

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