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sleep at me is when the most commondiseases out there it affects quality of life causesleepiness insomnia associated with heart disease strokediabetes and increase mortality it affects over25 million Americans anything about it is mostpeople that have it don't know that they have it at ApneaApp is something that a person can use on their phone in their home sleepingenvironment that can give them any indication as towhether or not they may be stopping

breathing in their sleep when we measure sleep nowwe have people coming to the sleep laboratory typically for one night youcome in your spending about 12 to 14 hours here you get hooked up toa lot of different equipment we put electrodes on patients heads we alsomeasure breeding at the nose and mouth we measure their heart rate measure legmovements we measure respiratory effort you arekinda hooked up to a lot of equipment in a bedroom thing you could think of aperson who's going just going to sleep

he can just done on our at presidentcard but then and then leave the phone on his leg side boardlike just regular how he wouldn't leave it for charging and then keep that that the atoning the Forney Glen active sonarthe concept of them like I've hollaback works for me and make an indictablesignal using the phone speaker and the signals would get reflected ofthe body and its to cart it by the microphone itactually monetize your abdominal breathing motion

and then a guy for defects ideasemotions like leg movement overall body movement except rap men there to people yet actually at different distances fromthe phone so I think no actually could work each have thisdistant into a unique frequently back then in the phone in Article best apnea at be actuallywork at the you'd up high above your sleep lab so be actually place the phone running I apneaat on

like one corner of the back and then becompared to decide which we obtained using I apnea at and or Asian qualify McAfeebest be connected this test for around like40 people and got an activity of about 98 percentand the app is still in the developmental stages at the moment but we do believe that atthe app has a lot of potential we feel that a very simple way forpeople to

indicate whether or not they have sleepapnea in their home sleeping environment has tremendous potential to help peoplelive happier healthier lives.

How Doueck Dental Does Combination Therapy For Sleep Apnea

people come to us because they are tiredduring the day and because they are snoring this disturbs their spousekids what happens let's try to understand whythe snoring and what makes you tired during the day when you're sleeping your muscles relax the tongue and soft tissue collapsewhen somebody has sleep apnea the airway gets blocked completely anumber of times an hour

you could stop breathing many time an hour hundreds times every night this blockage is occurring when that blockage occurs it wakes themup a little bit they are asleep but it's not allowing them to get into a deep sleep this blockage prevents them from getting the refreshing sleep they need The quot;Gold Standardquot; to treat this is a CPAP machine this device it blows airinto a mask with a hose that connects to a machine

the hose and mask forces the air in and opens the airway and this is blowingthe whole night by opening up the airway it allows you tobreath. the problem is. people don't usually like the mask, the straps, the headgear. the whole feeling they feel trapped by wearing straps andmask in addition because some people get arunny nose or it dries out the mouth these problems and others are thereason why these patients don't want

to use the CPAP so what we offer with an oral appliance is a comfortable alternative to CPAP if this is the position where the tongueit is normally and where it's blocking by moving the jaw forward like this we don't need all the way forward. weneed about half that amount it opens up the airway space to prevent the blockage we open up the airway enough to allow a restful sleep

Again we don't need it so far. only about half that amount opens up the airway enough to get the equivalent effect of the CPAPthat machine So if you are snoring or tired during the day the first thing we do is to find out if you have sleep apnea The diagnosis is made by a Sleep either in a laboratory or at home which most patients prefer because it is very convenient the sleep test device is delivered to your home It is simple to use while you sleep at home for a night or two nights

mail it back in the box and we get a report from a Pulmonologist who is the one that makes the diagnosis does this patient have sleep apnea or notif you don't have sleep apnea and but you are snoring so we can offer you a simple solution to help stop your snoring the devices that we make are custom devices that are comfortable to wear easy to control the amount of movement

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