Average Cost Of Oral Appliance For Sleep Apnea

Obstructive Sleep Apnea versus Central Sleep Apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea is when the airwaybecomes narrowed or obstructed and you're making the effort to breathe but we do notsee any flow in air movement coming from your nose or mouth. Where central sleep apnea occurswhere your brain forgets to tell your body to breathe. If we're looking at it from avery simplistic term and so we do not see the drive to breathe. So the first step isto come into the and be seen by one of our physicians in the sleep medicine .We'll go through a questionnaire and try to determine what risk factors we think you havefor sleep apnea such as obesity, snoring, daytime sleepiness and then if we think thatyou have a high risk for meeting those criteria

then we would set you up for a sleep studyeither in your home to do an overnight sleep study or in our laboratory, depending on yoursituation. The CPAP can be used to treat both conditions and, in some patients, that isenough. However, there are some patients that have more complex types of central sleep apneathat require more complicated types of machines to treat that condition. Obstructive sleepapnea actually has been linked to a lot of other problems such as high blood pressureand then, you know, difficulty functioning during the day. If it goes untreated for along period of time there's an increased risk of early heart problems and those types ofthings.

Philips Respironics Dream Station CPAP Machine Review

Hi this is Chris from The CPAP Shop, wantedto show you a brand new machine from Philips Respironics. This is called the Dream Station. So whatyou get is this nice padded case with a shoulder strap, and on the back side is this slot sothat you can put it through some luggage (it'll fit real nice on there). So we'll open itup. We have the traditional Respironics nonheated tubing (this is a 6 foot tube), then we havethe heated tube. Here is a user manual for the CPAP and also a user manual for the heatedhumidifier. There's also going to be an 80watt power block that will sit in herewith a cord. Here's the machine (I'll

move this out of the way). So here is thenew DreamStation. It's forwardfacing. This is where the tubing would connect, this ison a swivel so you can sit it anywhere you like on your nightstand because this willswivel around. This has a color screen and I'll turn it on for you on in a moment.Has the heated humidifier here, this is the CPAP Portion. You can remove the heated humidifierif you're traveling and you want to just take the machine itself, and you want to takeas least stuff as possible. You press this little button and it releases it. So here'sthe humidifier and here's the CPAP. So you'd connect the tubing right here if you'rejust gonna take the CPAP by itself and leave

the heated humidifier at home. I'll put these two back together. Here ishow you open it up. Here's the water chamber. You fill it withdistilled water. There's a line right here that shows you exactly where to fill it upto. This is all open so you can actually get your hand in there and clean it. There'sno lid right here this is it. When you put this back in here, this gasket in here willseal over this. So it's not it cannot spill now. So, you fill the water tank up from over here.Put it on the tray. Now it's locked in.

So the machine itself has some really neatfeatures. It has ambient light, so the screen is not gonna illuminate your whole bedroom.It will go out. It has a new filter design which is right in here. This is the new filterdesign there is still 2 filters as with many of the other Respironics units. It hasan ultrafine filter here, and then right in here, there's a foam filter. This one'swashable and this one's disposable. It will come with the machine, and we always provideextras. So they're white colored, so you can see when they get dirty. You'd throwthe ultra fine filter away and you'd wash this out.

This is where the SD card is. And this isgonna come with the unit. This is gonna record a lot of information that you can then giveto your if they want to really get some detailed information about your sleeptherapy. This machine will come on board however withsome information. Since this is a pretty sophisticated machine, it's going to give you some morningfeedback, reminders, a 3night summary, goal progress,. It really does try to keep youinvolved in your therapy. Now there's three different models thatare going to be available of this DreamStation. There's going to be the CPAP, a CPAP Pro,and an Auto CPAP. So the first two which is

the CPAP and the CPAP Pro are a standard machine,a standard, fixed machine. Meaning that we would set it on a fixed pressure, a 6, a 10,an 18, whatever your prescription says if you're going to purchase the CPAP or theCPAP Pro, you would set it to that specific pressure and then that would be it. The more soughtafter version which is theAuto, which is this version, does not work that way. It works on a range of pressure.So the machine will automatically adjust the pressure (that's what the Auto means). Themachine will not just stay at a fixed pressure of, let's say, 5 or 6. It will automaticallyadjust up and down as you sleep during the

Anti Snore Pillow Reviews My Story

I love sleeping in the same bed as my husband. Go figure. But his snoring is, not only messes with his sleep, but it messes with mine. He's tried everything in the rug to try and fix his snoring problem, because, you know, it affects him, too. He can't breathe well, he sleeps so uncomfortably, and what it does to me, it makes me restless, he has these loud spurts of grunting, and I feel so bad for him, because I know that he's uncomfortable,

and I can't help it. So I thought: I started looking online, because I know there had to be a way, without these meds, and surgery, to help my husband, to stop snoring, for my sake, and for his sake, to feel better. And, I'm really gonna research all of the web, I searched forever, and I ordered a few products, like a schmuck, you know, I believed a couple products.

We, I'm telling you, this last product, that I ordered, it is the last product that I will ever order again. I swear by this. It's this one, this pillow, oké He had ordered pills before, and I mean, we had cabinets, and, now, trashcans, filled with bottles of pills, that were supposed to help correct the issue, but of course, they all had horrible side effects, you know, horrible, and they were just a waste of money.

I was hesitant about the pillow at first. Because, I thought, it kind of sounded too good to be true, a pillow that could actually help you from snoringé But, once I ordered, and got it in the mail, he not only loves it, but he feels better at night, his sleep's better, he sleeps longer, without waking up in spurts, I don't get woken up in the middle of the night, and he feels better in the morning, and I'm telling you,

I have not seen him this energized in the morning, it's been years. We got the snoreless pillow, and, really, what it does, is, raises the chin, off the chest. It supports head, neck, it alleviates and aligns the open airway, and it has been proven to relieve minor head, neck, shoulder pain, and even mild acid reflux. So, I'm gonna recommend this product. It is the best thing that we have gotten.

So, if you're interested in checking this pillow out, I'm gonna link to the website, and the YouTube description below. If nothing else has worked for you, and you, or whoever you're sleeping with, is tired of snoring, you have to check this out.

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